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A Beautiful Life In This Savage Nation

There’s no doubt that it’s summer out here on the jobsite….But I found something incredible yesterday & can’t wait to share this week.

Today I’m posting this older photo of refreshing kiwi, on my favorite fish plate, with espresso for inspiration…I thrive out Here, but I long for my Home! 37 more words


Our Own Cardinals

Cardinals are everywhere in Indiana. It is hard not to see one on any kind of halfway decent day. Since early Spring we have seen a male and female Cardinal hanging around their nest in the upper reaches of our crab apple tree. 112 more words


The Cricketing Chirp

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Chirp and Tell

A bird sits at my window,

it chirps, it tells,
a story, untold

like the pages flipping by,
winds, the reason
winds, i know not who hold. 85 more words


40 Words. 

You walk outside and hear that the birds are chirping. You laugh at the idea of their simple communication, to hide the fact that you understand them completely. 13 more words



A novel and interesting way to share content comes along in the form of Chirp, in the form of an App and as ‘Chirp for Chrome’, enabling you to share via audio your files and websites. 283 more words


Fur and Feathers' Reunion

Who knows what each day holds out for us…some days good, some days so, so, while some…. blah!

Today, was the one of the good days for my daughter and me. 614 more words