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VV y Chirp han logrado con simpleza, innovación y combinación de recursos – el celular, una aplicación mobile enable con VR – una solución que brinda una experiencia rica en colaboración virtual. 19 more words

Big Data

#65 Speechless. 

“Ever listened to Drake grandpa?” he asked, the old man was speechless. “Ever listened to sparrows chirping?” grandpa retorted. He took a deep breath and threw his headphones away! 16 more words

Skip a channel on the Baofeng UV-5R

Your UV-5R manual sucks, I know, as I tried using it too. The alternate manuals are better.

Trying to do a basic function like skipping a channel so it doesn’t blare at you? 45 more words

Birds cuddling

I see two budgies

Perched on a branch

Nuzzling into each other’s necks

Looking so comfy, cozy

I wish I was a bird with feathers as my coat… 22 more words

The Alda 103 on CW

Figure 1: CW oscillator level control on the Alda 103 (see text).

I had been operating the Alda 103 CW/SSB triband ham radio, a gem from the seventies, for a couple weeks on the SSB end of forty meters. 62 more words

"Is Kindle Scout Right for You?" by Ann Everett

Please help me welcome Ann Everett with a fantastic article about Kindle Scout, which I was anxious to read myself. I don’t fully understand the process, so it is great to hear from someone with experience. 1,115 more words

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Cardinals have a very distinctive sound. I heard this Cardinal chirping his song for several minutes before I could find him. He blended in well with the crab apple tree buds and leaves.