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Reap the benefits of big-screen sonar and GPS displays

Like most modern technologies, fishing-friendly sonar and GPS systems have evolved dramatically in recent years. One of the notable advancements of late is the proliferation of high-performance, big-screen displays. 1,079 more words


Time - 10:54 etc. PM

It’s well into the week again after Easter weekend. I am pretty bummed I couldn’t go away, because quite frankly, some of us forget to book anywhere with enough time; so I spent 5 days in the same beautiful place – the couch. 547 more words


Chatty birds

The grackles and blue jays are quite chatty right now. They’re arguing over nesting spots in the trees on my street. It’s brooding season so this happens every year.


Fantasy Short Film of the Day: Chirp, by Danielle Barcena


Title: Chirp

Written by: Danielle Barcena

Type: Short Script

Genre: Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Logline: “Chirp” is a family action comedy about a lonely American tourist in Beijing who makes a wish on a magical fountain that turns her boyfriend into a cricket and must win a cricket fighting competition in order to change him back. 31 more words

Silence of the birds

Fuck me..I have said it before and I will say it again birds do not cheep or tweet (not on twitter) they SCREAM. The little bastards woke me up about 7am, never mind silence of the lambs it should be silence of the birds!

Take a walk!

These are the days when I feel like a potato. Too lazy to wake up too lazy to stand up and too lazy to start the day. 271 more words

Chattering Cat

Our other two cats chirp and warble when they see a bird. Caliban chatters like a zombie from World War Z.