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Exposé: My alarm clock is for the birds

My alarm clock doesn’t beep, it chirps.

Actually, I think it could simply beep, but I selected bird sounds as the least annoying option on the menu. 201 more words

Here's How I See It

Fun with a Smoke Detector

About a week & a half ago, the smoke detector in my suite began to chirp.  If it had sounded like a little bird chirping, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but it was approximately 100% louder and very annoying.  757 more words


The Dark Side of Spring

The Lowly Cur

a barbarous fête
chirping, featherless nestlings,
beaks agape, bobbing,
poor worm dangling, sacrificed
to sate the ravenous brood


A Tanka for… 34 more words


Eating Bugs

(Also known as entomophagy.)

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of eating insects for some time. Once I got over the initial societally-ingrained disgust, that is. 705 more words

Homestead Life

Canary in a Cage

Salford, 16th April 2018

A tale of life down the pits – and a very clever bird

They closed all the pits

they say it wernt safe… 69 more words


Pre-Dawn Birds

When the birds stir around 3:30am
and continue their song for the hours before dawn,
their chirps claim the portion of the night as theirs. 118 more words