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His brother bought him a Mercedes & 005 Mrs. Calkins Is Temporarily a Bit Disoriented

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The other day at lunch a couple sat down at the table next to us and told us about their lives. 1,737 more words

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’ve been sharing five highlights of my week for five years, and no matter how small the moments may be, they remind me to stay grateful. 146 more words

Chit Chat

Hello human beings of the internet world!

This post is more of a question out to you! 316 more words

Chit Chat

Romantic Opportunities Lost

No spoilers


It strikes me…..you never got to romance a ROBOT DINOSAUR.

This pains you, doesn’t it?


Enh. On closer acquaintance, the ROBOT DINOSAURS lacked personality, making them insufficiently broody for my needs. 190 more words

TBT: Engagement Scrapbook

Every once in awhile I visit my dusty Drafts folder to see what gems I started writing once upon a time and never finished… and usually I delete, delete, delete. 771 more words

Chit Chat


Yes, Social media fast is a thing and it is something I’ve done and to be honest it’s not easy . 386 more words


all clear for Gibbs

For those of you wondering (and maybe worrying) . . . we got the biopsy results through for Gibbs. The lump/wart/tumour, whatever it was, was benign. 22 more words

Chit Chat