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dpk Chit Chat Vlog, who am I? Why watch my Vlogs?

This is a vlog I have been meaning to do for a few weeks, the last time I did a vlog like this I was not so confident, also each time I do this type of Vlog I feel more confident to chat more and tell you more. 17 more words


Total Eclipse of the Heart

Were you near the path of totality yesterday to watch the eclipse?

Here in Franklin, TN, we were on the edge of the path so our view wasn’t quite as exciting as it was in Nashville, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. 175 more words

Chit Chat

Gibbs will do anything for his toy!

I’ve shown you the floatable toy I made for Gibbs, using an empty dairy cream bottle, and crocheting a simple cover to slip over it . 253 more words

Chit Chat

Obligatory Eclipse Post

Because we do occasionally look up from the game


You gonna watch the sun go out?


I didn’t get any eclipse glasses, so I can’t really look at it, but I figure I’ll at least go outside and admire the general effect for a couple of minutes. 420 more words

Are We Paying for the Mascara or the Brush? An Experiment!

I think this is a question that has gone through every mascara users mind at some point. Is the product inside the mysterious tube why I’m paying £20, or is it all about the brush? 1,058 more words


Looking Back 59 - Having it my way

Me: “You’re welcome to come my way if you want.”

Him: “I am? How far are you?” (Please don’t start with this again. And, wow, he really took my previous words seriously!) 589 more words

Looking Back

Quit smoking - Day 1

Day 1- quitting smoking

I’ve been a smoker ever since I 16/17 and have been wanting to quit ever since I started. It such a terrible habit but lately I can actually feel the effects on my health. 323 more words