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Hello...it's me!

I apologize for my lack of posts these past few months, well… to be honest no posts at all for a few months.  I started my blog with a few goals that I wanted for myself and when I didn’t reach them I got frustrated and need to reevaluate to see if I should continue my blog at all.   148 more words


First blog post

In this blog I’ll talk about things paperly and paintery.

Chit Chat

Eyeshine and Death

I was never close with Ain, yet I wish I had been. Whenever death reminds me of how fragile and fickle this life is, Ain springs up into mind. 1,380 more words


There is levity in madness

Dear Friend,

I didn’t plan to write today but I woke with a head full of images and gibberish and I feel the need to share. 117 more words


When All Else Fails, Go to the Pool

Alternate title: Epic Nesting Failure

At 37 weeks, my pregnancy is drawing to an end I’m full of conflicting emotions. I go through cycles of excitement and anxiety so many times in one day, it can be exhausting. 413 more words

Chit Chat


Holy hell!!! Biggest earthquake we have ever felt just now, that had to be right here by us

Chit Chat

Go hard No excuses

‎”It’s always down to you and the choices you make. Work on the things you can change and never dwell on the things you can’t. You choose… ‘results’ or ‘excuses’ it’s always down to YOU… no one has ever given their BEST and regretted it. GO HARD NO EXCUSES.

Chit Chat