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prepping in the veggie patch

Husband has been keeping himself busy, while I’ve been lounging with my feet up indoors, preparing the veggie patch for the 2018 crops. For the moment, he’s still in the prepping stage for most things, so the following pics aren’t going to have you drooling . 433 more words

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Best Friends

I can not remember one day in my life without any kind of pet sharing our house. There were dogs, birds, rabbits, cats, fish……not all of them at the same time mind you. 160 more words


How to Stay Motivated for Blogging

Staying motivated to write and read and create is something we all deal with. Bloggers such as myself who are putting out 3+ posts a day have just as hard a time staying motivated as those who put out 1 post a week and many people don’t realize that. 669 more words


UNIVERSITY: Parable of the sower.

I’ll be relating students you can find in the university with the parable of the sower.

1. The ones that throw away the good training… 286 more words

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Gear Reviews: Backpacking Pack

The temperature is finally warming outside — Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, and all of this essentially means I desire to go backpacking and camping every single second of every single day. 1,116 more words

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20 things that I wish to have achieved by 20

Many of us have targets, hopes and dreams. I am 17 and although I have gone through a lot (at my arguable tender age), I know that the story has just begun as cheesy as that sounds. 222 more words

Follower Poll

So I have what I hope will be well received news by my followers. Whether you follow my blog, YouTube, or Facebook you count.

I have some videos from 207 KVK 25 with sound. 168 more words