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Some Equanimity

One can become fully absorbed in any object, whether vast or infinitesimal.

As the patterning of consciousness subsides, a transparent way of seeing, called coalescence, saturates consciousness; like a jewel, it reflects equally whatever lies before it – whether subject, object, or act of perceiving… 296 more words


Mind, Heart and Meaning

In this three minute video, Lama Shenpen explains the Buddhist concept of mind or Chitta. In doing so she explores the connections between what we think of as heart and mind, and their connection with what we find meaningful.

Meditation Retreat in Spain

Thursday 28th Sep –  Monday 2nd Oct 2017

The spiritual community at Kadampa Meditation Centre Spain is located in Alhaurin el Grande, 40 min drive from Malaga. 146 more words

Special Events

'Understanding Human Mind: The Yogic Perspective'

I believe during your high school most of you must have heard & read about ‘Theory of evolution’, which was propounded by Charles Darwin in 1859. 1,952 more words

Yoga & Spirituality

How to study the YogaSutras

Scriptures or religious texts may be used for many reasons; mostly to provide meaning and purpose, and to evoke a deeper connection with the Divine. Many look to these texts to the convey sacred truths and use them to promote ritualistic practices and moralistic experiences that foster communal identity. 2,216 more words

Raja Yoga

Yoga Sutra 1.2: definition and purpose of Yoga

1.2 yogah cittavritti nirodhah

One of the most significant definitions of Yoga: “Yoga is the cessation (fluctuations) of mental modifications of the mind.” this sutra brings us to understand why do we practice Yoga. 378 more words