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Happy Circle March 16, 2018: Rippling Thought Modifications

Last time we discussed the second of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Yoga is stopping the thought formations or modifications (vritti) in the mind space ( 880 more words

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Yoga and Gnana and Jivanmukthi

Yoga chitta vritti nirodha |

Gnana chitta satyatva nirodha ||

Jivanmukthi chitta nirodha |||

Yoga is to stop the expansion of chitta |

Gnana is to eliminate the reality of chitta || 20 more words

4.Integration (Sravana, Manana & Niddhidhyasana)

Starlit Sky: 14. Virgo

continued from Starlit Sky: 14. Pole star

The next constellation that we will look at is Virgo. It is called Kanya raasi in the Indian Astronomical system. 620 more words


Ghosts and Other Intangibles

I am going to change tack now and this is prompted by the events of yesterday and a dream I had last night. Yesterday was an example of synchronicity, I was writing on the blog about buttering up and then went into town, lo and behold someone tried to butter me up. 789 more words


The Mind of Another

If someone looks a bit like us, dresses a bit like us and talks a bit like us, there is a kind of assumption that they may think like us, well a bit anyway. 513 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

Selective Perception

Having cued up this with some quotes from Patanjali translations I am now going to turn to a favourite topic of mine. To kick off, if you do a Google or Bing image search for yoga, who will get images of young, white, lithe and perhaps attractive women in various poses. 970 more words

Self Help

Some Equanimity

One can become fully absorbed in any object, whether vast or infinitesimal.

As the patterning of consciousness subsides, a transparent way of seeing, called coalescence, saturates consciousness; like a jewel, it reflects equally whatever lies before it – whether subject, object, or act of perceiving… 296 more words