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The Field

We exist within an unlimited field of potential and possibilities.
In this field, anything is possible. 

Relevant verse:
“Creation having been brought forth by sacrifice… 750 more words


A simple yet profound explanation of THE MIND through Yoga

It has been trying weeks – filled with regular tears and fears. Was rolling along life’s challenges and TA-DAH I came across a book on Yoga by Pandit Shambhu Nath. 1,163 more words

Light of the Soul: Yoga Sutras, book 3 sutras 22-25

I have been traveling to teach meditation retreats which is why the Light of the Soul, Yoga Sutra discussion group and its posts have been sporadic. 129 more words


Yeah! Light of the Soul podcasts edited from the beginning

Joyfully, the editing of the first several Light of the Soul original podcasts is complete. Now, all podcasts are cleaned up and edited.

The Light of the Soul online free discussion group engages the overflowing fountain of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 210 more words


Glimpsing Madness. . .

Last week was not an especially good week. . . in my mind that is.  Let’s face it, if we all walked around with a stock market style ticker running across our forehead revealing the thoughts in our heads, we’d all be glimpsing a little bit of madness. 333 more words


Vikrit Chitt

Vikrit (विकृत) is a hindi word which means deformed.

Chitt which is deformed, which rushes inherently to expand itself on destructive or meaningless or dead things. 98 more words