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Yeah! Light of the Soul podcasts edited from the beginning

Joyfully, the editing of the first several Light of the Soul original podcasts is complete. Now, all podcasts are cleaned up and edited.

The Light of the Soul online free discussion group engages the overflowing fountain of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 210 more words


Glimpsing Madness. . .

Last week was not an especially good week. . . in my mind that is.  Let’s face it, if we all walked around with a stock market style ticker running across our forehead revealing the thoughts in our heads, we’d all be glimpsing a little bit of madness. 333 more words


Vikrit Chitt

Vikrit (विकृत) is a hindi word which means deformed.

Chitt which is deformed, which rushes inherently to expand itself on destructive or meaningless or dead things. 98 more words


I Am Not a Machine!

Actually, I am a machine. Did I just out myself? Don’t worry, you’re all machines too. So we’re in good company.

What does it mean to be a machine? 1,675 more words


Upcoming Classes at Potala

Meditation Classes and Courses

Sun 23rd Nov – Potala Centre 5:30 – 8pm £5 Joyful Path Meditation Class with Chitta

Mon 24th Nov – Potala Centre 7-9pm £5 Universal Compassion Meditation Class with Chitta… 241 more words


Intoduction to easy land buy

I am aware that many people are interested to invest in purchase of property so as to reap the benefit of assured returns. Property has always been a regarded as an investment for the future, a investment where the generation following us could reap it during trying times. 121 more words


Light of the Soul: Book 1, Sutras 33-36

Highlights of Sunday’s discussion on Book1, Sutras 33-36 of The Light of the Soul by Alice Bailey:

  • A pithy review of the sutras in order to give the context of why the current number of sutras are about “peace of the chitta” or peace in the mind.
  • 100 more words