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A Truly Scrumptious Blue Dress Project: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

If you do an image search for Truly Scrumptious costumes you will most likely see either the ruffled white dress or the puppet costume.  You may also see a few partial pictures of some of her other outfit:  a pink suit, a peasant-themed outfit in Vulgaria, and  this blue ensemble: 988 more words


From my Hart: Five Facts

Hello all! Over the past few days I have seen a lot of the people I follow on Instagram, post and tag each other in the five fact challenge. 485 more words


Land of Flying Cars

My wife and I live in a rural area of Colorado known as the Black Forest.  The high density of Ponderosa Pines in our small geography gives us our name.  579 more words


LEGO Ideas

I was unfamiliar with LEGO Ideas until the last week or so when the blogs were full of news about the newest set, a Ship in a Bottle… 363 more words


Player Spotlight #1 - Carrie Hope Fletcher

The first actor I’ll be shining a spotlight on is the one and only Carrie Hope Fletcher. Carrie is a real-life Disney princess, origami dragon folding, big sister to all, tea drinker. 640 more words

Gripping The Nail By The Head

Many years back, my late uncle operated a small import business.  Shipments of bicycle parts came in from China, packaged in wooden crates – these were boxes constructed of wooden planks which had been nailed together. 104 more words


Swarmz Ends 2017 With A Bang

Swarmz Feat JB Scholfield – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

If the UK Rap scene wanted to ensure that it checked out of 2017 on a high then Chitty Chitty Bang Bang just rubber stamped that request. 40 more words