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Stage 6: Removing Ceiling Panels & Insulation

Later in the week, we tackled Stage 6 of Operation Chitty Bang, which was Removing the Ceiling Panels and the Fiberglass Insulation. I don’t know which part has been the most strenuous so far, the seats, the floor, the sanding, or this one. 697 more words

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Stage 5: Sanding and Killing Rust

Stage 5 of Operation Chitty Bang is Sanding and Killing the Rust. We decided to take off the next two days after the night of scrubbing and the day Crab passed his driver’s test for his Class B License. 354 more words

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Stage 4: Scrub-A-Dub Chitty Bang

Later that night, after removing the rest of the flooring, heaters, and upper side panels, we decided to go ahead and give Chitty Bang a good Scrub Down so we could tell where the dirt ended and the rust began. 226 more words

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Stage 3: Finish Tearing Floor & More Demo:)

Stage 3 of Operation Chitty Bang was finishing up the prior day’s floor demo and tearing out some lights/speakers/panels that run along the top sides of the interior. 475 more words

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cheer Yourself Up With A Children's Book - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Here at Loony Literature, we believe that if you need help smiling, you might consider reading a children’s book. Many grown ups do not realize that throwing adultness to one side and losing themselves in a children’s story is as good as taking medicine. 230 more words


Operation ChittyBang Stage 1: Purchase and Deliver School Bus

Operation Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stage 1: Purchase and Deliver School Bus

We did it! We found an old school bus that fit all of our criteria and were able to purchase it the first week of April in Phoenix, AZ! 992 more words

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Editing Our Life: Part 3-Tiny House/Skoolie Idea

When we originally came up with the idea to live minimally, we loved the idea of building our own tiny house. It is definitely an up and coming idea, and people will choose to live tiny for so many reasons; environmental, downsize their debt, live with less “crap”, and many others. 1,414 more words

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