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Doctor Strange: Marvel’s Mystifying Entry

***Spoiler-Free Review***

A Strange New World

With its 14th movie, Marvel Studios has clearly defined its superhero movie formula. The quality of the films might not be perfect, but they are distinctly Marvel with equal amounts of visual flair and witty dialogue. 1,207 more words


Doctor Strange - A Familiar Dinner Spruced Up With An Exotic New Spice

Marvel Studios has reached a bit of a holding pattern with its much loved cinematic universe. After nearly a decade of iteration on the superhero genre with no real flops to speak of, Marvel has found a recipe that works: start with a likable lead character, add dazzling effects, mix in a liberal serving of action, sprinkle the snarky comedy all over the place, season with just a pinch of romance, dump a throwaway villain on top and… 1,544 more words

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MOVIE: In Defence of "Love Actually"

One of my absolute favourite movies of all time is Love Actually. It had all these different love stories in it, some actors from the… 734 more words


Movie Review - "Doctor Strange" (2016)

It seems we now have a pattern with Marvel movies – More of the same, except with entirely different characters learning about whole new worlds. 925 more words


Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor Strange (2016)


Scott Derrickson


Benedict Cumberbatch

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Rachel McAdams

Tilda Swinton


A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts. 371 more words

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Doctor Strange (Movie Review)


The next instalment in the MCU (marvel cinematic universe), this doesn’t live up to expectations given the quality of the other films but is still very enjoyable. 357 more words

2012 (2009) - reviewed by George

I think Roland Emerich is a good director and I like him. But watching this movie I got an inkling of why some people don’t. The first half is fantastic – even if you didn’t see it already you remember from the trailers the plane flying sideways between two falling buildings. 422 more words