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REVIEW: "Z for Zachariah"

The post-apocalypse has become one of the favorite settings for modern day filmmakers. Think about it. We’ve witnessed the aftermath of an earth ravaged by everything from nuclear war to energy depletion to zombie outbreaks. 693 more words

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Z for Zachariah Review (Summer Series #94)

Post-apocalyptic films and television shows have become pretty commonplace. You have your quintessential zombies, occasionally a mutant, hours-long car chases, and usually a sense of hopelessness. 435 more words

Movies in Review: "Z for Zachariah"

Many of you likely haven’t heard of this flick, neither had I. Besides wide release films, I do like to see what’s out in the limited/independent release section. 249 more words

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REVIEW: Z for Zachariah

In Craig Zobel’s last film, 2012’s “Compliance,” the director showed the collapse of civilization and social order in a situation where tremendous external stress agents forced people into making unthinkable choices.   320 more words

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Doug Reviews: Z for Zachariah

Adapted from the novel of the same name, Z for Zachariah wraps up the summer movie season not with a bang, but with a very slow burn in one of the most tension-filled films of the year. 689 more words


Z for Zachariah (2015)

“It’s just crazy this is still here.”

Z for Zachariah is a lesson, both good and bad, in the importance of brevity. Its shot choices early on are inspiring, relying on brief, sometimes barely noticeable glimpses of detail and depth. 739 more words