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They Came From Space

On this day, in 1954, a meteorite fell near Sylacauga in Alabama. The largest piece of it which was recovered is known as the Hodges Fragment. 519 more words

Brilliant Europeans


My first movie masterpiece that evolved out of my frequency journey. (see posts Part I,II&III)

It is playing with the idea of frequencies. In which state we are in as individual aswell as society right now? 24 more words



Vizualizacija muzike preko ogleda sa peskom, vodom, vatrom, feromagnetizmom i plazmom. Sinestezija, ili zajednički osećaj – percepcija pri kojoj uporedo uz bazične osećaje, doživljavamo i one drugačije, nespecifične za čula. 163 more words


Che forma avrebbe la musica, se si potesse vedere?

La risposta prova a darla il musicista Nigel Stanford, che in occasione del suo nuovo lavoro, “Solar Echoes”, ha realizzato un video in cui è riuscito a dar forma alla propria musica con l’ausilio di lastre di Chladni, tubi di Rubens e ferro liquido.



Chladni Plates

Ernst Chladni was a German physicist and musician, most known for the Chladni Plates – an experiment which still looks intriguing to most of the people. 103 more words


"I am sure my music has a taste of codfish in it"*...

High-frequency sounds enhance the sweetness in food, while low frequencies bring out the bitterness.  So, could sound replace sugar? And what kind of music should restaurants play?   479 more words

Chladni figures

    Among the most famous experiments which contributes to make the sounds visible, the Chladni’s plate technique is the easiest way to proceed. Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (1756–1827) was German physicist and musician. 295 more words