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Thoroughly Modern Monday - Let Me In (2010)

Remakes often earn a lot of justified criticism, but there is a real art to doing one correctly. Assuming the original film was a domestic production, it’s a must that the filmmakers change the story just enough to separate their version; for example, Vincent Vaughn’s Norman Bates voyeuristically masturbating to Anne Heche in Gus Van Sant’s… 663 more words


Media Update 1/19/2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)

I have never read the books by “Lemony Snicket” because I did not hear about them until well after they were released. 854 more words


Chloë Grace Moretz Stars in Coach New York

Chloë Grace Moretz Stars in Coach New York’s Spring 2017 Campaign
In the stunning photos shot by longtime Coach collaborator, Steven Meisel, Chloë looks like someone you’d want to stop on the street just to ask where she got her outfit from. 126 more words

Hugo - 2011

The Film

I had seen the film twice in theaters and immensely enjoyed the 3D; which I thought was the best I had seen and that includes James Cameron’s Avatar. 944 more words


Accidentally Using The Wrong Reality Check

Last night I went to bed very late and I slept and dreamt pretty deeply, I possibly had some false awakening dreams and/or I woke up briefly and went back to sleep several times, and my sleep and dream cycles were so deep that during the times that I did briefly wake up (in the real world and/or dream world) I was mostly out of it (like a deep haze or fog clouding your mind like your consciousness being mostly blocked from deep sleep, and so you are functioning more on a subconscious dream-like level) not knowing what day it was or what time period it was or if I was asleep or awake and I had false assumptions that I was somehow still in high school again so I did not voice record my dreams; and so I can now only remember barely part of several dream fragments. 959 more words


Dark Places: novel vs. film

In a rather highbrow, intellectual bookshop, between philosophy and the classics, I managed to stumble upon a Gillian Flynn novel. And I bought it. I’m not saying that it’s trash or dumbed down but let’s be honest, it’s hardly a classic of the literary canon. 455 more words


Thoroughly Modern Monday - Hugo (2011)

Whenever a recognizable director announces a new project, we form our own expectations as to what it will be about and how it will look. With a director like Martin Scorsese, we can expect a number of things, namely graphic violence and coinciding themes of masculinity in crisis and religion, for example. 722 more words