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Retrospect: Kids

On the 20th anniversary of Larry Clark’s controversial, 1995 youth-based flick, I once again teamed up with Failed Critics to take a look back at its brutally raw, fucked up, lightning in a bottle qualities. 30 more words



by Nicholas Lay (@laidbaremedia)

A young couple, stripped down to their undies and suspiciously underage in appearance, engage in some overly gaping lip locking via the medium of extreme close-up. 1,056 more words


BPC Strip 2 7/23/15 AHS

This one is based on a real conversation between @DarthSnuggle and @TheUnPCGeek.

Broken Planet Comics

Will You Join the Celeb Fans of This Morbid and Nightmarish Jewelry Label?

I am not going to pretend this is an objective style story, because it’s not. As someone whose jewel accessories consisted of only her wedding and engagement rings, in the last year I’ve become firmly entrenched in the cult of… 1,967 more words

Dude, And More

Here’s a guy, too. And, you know: this is a “guy at the Dead show” guy. Anywhere else you see this guy–Italian joint, petting zoo, Pitcairn Island–you call the authorities immediately, but at the Dead show? 122 more words

The Mother Of All Style Bibles That Puts Today's Fashion Bloggers To Shame

This book offers an intimate and thorough account of Chloë Sevigny’s personal style, which she has always worn with enviable ease, and which continues to inspire young downtown dwellers today. 138 more words