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Kids of the 70s and 80s, care to share your Choc-Nut memories?

If you are in your 40s up, I hope this picture brings a smile to your face.

The younger generation calls the peanut-milk candy as “Barnuts” (for the brand that seems to have overtaken our Choc-Nut).  273 more words


Pan de Manila: Chocolate con Nueces

Ever wondered what Choc-nut and hot chocolate will taste like when combined? If you can’t imagine the taste, might as well try Pan de Manila’s Chocolate con Nueces.  457 more words

Spotted: Choc Nut Milk Chocolate Drink

Choc Nut is a local brand well loved by kids of the 80’s and even presently. Despite the changing times, the taste has remained the same through the years. 226 more words

Travelling Gundam

raw choc-nut raspberry tarts with banana ice-cream

This little bite-sized dessert ticks all my boxes – fresh raspberries are always a luxurious indulgence, it’s got no added sugar and so I can convince myself it’s healthy.  350 more words


Nostalgia Food Trip

When I was little, I use to love simple foods. Foods that are cheap but tastes good. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood, a housing project which the lot was bought by my father from its original owner. 635 more words


Summer days


The glistening sun. The soft sounds of crashing waves. The smell of coconut sunscreen. The balmy nights.

Okay, enough of my lame poetic attempt. I love summer. 70 more words


Healthier Baking - Oatmeal cookies and Choc-Nut cookies

Good morning all! Today I wanted to throw together a batch or two of some healthy-ish cookies. The idea behind healthier baking is to use more ‘natural’ products. 487 more words

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