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Ovos da Páscoa (Vegan)

Feliz Páscoa! Happy Easter!

Nesta Páscoa eu tentei fazer em casa ovos de chocolate. O primeiro problema que surgiu foi não encontrar um molde em forma de ovo. 494 more words


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter if you are celebrating Easter! :D

This is a closeup of my Easter grass. In Finland (and other countries too I guess) it is a tradition to grow grass on a plate or little box. 87 more words

Easter Eggs [Short Story]

by Joshua Perrett

We all have chocolate eggs at Easter, right? Even if the reason for celebration has been drowned in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, we still gorge ourselves sick every year.  454 more words

Joshua Perrett

The surprise in my chocolate egg is... WOW!

Two small and artistic colored pencils that, when integrated, become a rainbow pencil.

A cheerful gift which highlights that writing is the essence of my soul and the center of the universe around which proceeds, like an enchanted journey, my existence.


DIY chocolate easter eggs + 2 fillings

Almost every easter, ever since I was little, me and my parents make homemade chocolate easter eggs, Once, I ate so much melted chocolate I had to go to the doctor. 881 more words


Home made Easter Egg

So with Easter approaching I thought what could be more appropriate than making your own Easter egg.

But what better egg to make than a kinder style egg. 537 more words

Craft-Passion-Meets-Chocolate Easter Egg

I happened to see a tutorial for these sakura Easter eggs from Craft Passion the other day and I thought how pretty they were. But I’m less of a glue gun girl and more of a chocolate girl, so I started thinking how great it would be if they were edible, too. 135 more words

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