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A Lot Has Changed But I Love You All The Same

To start off my summer vacation this year, my family and I went back to one of the best Philippine provinces I’ve been to, Bohol. The first time we went there was back in 2010, wherein I really fell in love with the place for the first time. 547 more words


"Anything is good if it's made of chocolate..." - Jo Brand

… Especially if that ‘anything’ is 30 to 50 metres high, and there are 1268 of them! The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines, could be mistaken for the origin of the rare and mystical Oompa Loompa tribe. 263 more words

Under the spell of Bohol charm

The van was zigzagging through the wide, sexy highway covered by umbrella of tall trees. I was sitting alone at the farthest backseat. My face was glued in the slightly tinted mirror at the back. 570 more words


Untangling Bohol

Of all places to plan a trip, we did it in a funeral chapel.

It was toward the end of March in 2012. Some friends and I were at the wake for a friend and colleague’s father, and we got to asking each other’s plans for Easter. 1,683 more words


Bohol Adventure: The Sights, The Sea, and the Incredibly Fine White Sand (A Photodiary)

Also, let us not forget about the beautiful Sun and the long and wide Shores to add to those S’s. 216 more words

A View of Hills

Yesterday’s stranger is today’s stoic guide,
nape inches from my face. His Kawasaki
under us. I imagine he can feel me breathe.

Tickled by a fly, the land yawns itself awake… 71 more words