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The Best Vegan Chocolate "Milks"

As a kid I was a huge milk beverage fan! Milk shakes, thick shakes, Milo, store bought carton flavoured milks! They all made me feel incredibly ill, as dairy does and now being vegan I am so happy to have found some amazing, dairy free & mostly healthy chocolate beverages to satisfy my cravings! 193 more words


Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk was once sold as medicine.

Chocolate milk does make everything better. It was originally invented by an Irish physician and sold in the U.K. for medicinal purposes.

Quiet Ambience

Amazing Facts


Finally I found a perfect substitute for the dairy chocolate milk I used to drink before going vegan.Don’t be fooled of how simple this recipe might be, I tried so many different recipes, but i came up with my own one and it’s my absolute favourite. 96 more words


University Backpedals on Chocolate Milk Concussion "Study"

On January 7th, I wrote about a press release promoting an unpublished University of Maryland (UMD) study that recommended a chocolate milk drink to help high school football players recover from concussions. 680 more words


Chocolate Milk Commercial

As an intro to the Grade 9 Business course, our task was to make a commercial on any product that we choose. My group, consisting of 4 members, decided to base our commercial around Natrel Chocolate Milk and how it can fuel your day. 25 more words

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Woke up about eleven this morning.

Peeled a banana, brought a gallon of chocolate milk up to my face.


Worked eleven-thirty to two-thirty. Made $47 serving lunch. 772 more words

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