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Food and Disappointment

This academic year, I am taking a break from teaching. I am a stay at home mom to have extra time for caring for my younger daughter, how gets sick more often than she can go to expensive daycare, and to support my older daughter who just started kindergarten. 784 more words

Homemade Nesquick

Does anyone else think that during hard times, chocolate milk is just way too expensive?! Especially, when you have a 15 month old baby that goes through at least a gallon of milk per week. 163 more words


So Close Yet So Far

Heylo world you know what’s harder than using a laptop to type out a few hundred words? Going to bed, yup y’all know how it is I even tried drinking some hot chocolate a few times already. 1,209 more words


Chocolate Infused Milk and a Cereal Bar grows in Brooklyn

Confession: I’m not a huge cereal person but I’m curious enough to try out the full serve cereal bar inside Kith’s¬†sneaker and clothing store in Brooklyn. ¬† 158 more words

Cereal Bar

Tonight at MCL

We visited the MCL at 86th & Township Line tonight, August 24, 2015. We asked the lady in the serving line if there were refills on chocolate milk. 185 more words


90s/00s Cartoons revisited part 2: Johnny Bravo, Angry Beavers and more...

Since I had no friends as a child (not much has changed) I managed to watch a lot of cartoons. So I’ve decided to give another rundown of some of the cartoons of the 90s and the 00’s that I had the (dis?)pleasure of letting warp my precious little mind. 208 more words