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Today I had a sub for lunch. I haven’t one in awhile.

I usually get a variety of cold cuts, pickles, cucumbers, green peppers, hot peppers, onions, green and black olives, sub sauce and chipotle sauce with salt and pepper, Parmesan cheese and oregano. 10 more words

Cooking With Me

Air's Getting a Bit Thin Up Here

“Air’s getting a bit thin up here” – Sheldon Cooper

So it has been nine days since I joined the Blogosphere and I must say, it’s been a wild ride.

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Chocolate Milk

Late Night Cafes

It’s becoming increasingly harder to find a cafe that opens late night (after dinner) during weekend especially when you are not in the mood for beer. 90 more words


Chocolate milk is not always the answer!


Recently I watched a Vlog by the lovely Caitlin Moran. On this vlog she stated that she wished that people talked about comfort eating the way people talk about sex addiction… so here goes, my name is Leigh and I am a comfort eater! 285 more words


Lewis Road Chocolate milk and Hell Pizza Flaming Dragon

Due to its geography and land, New Zealand is considered agricultural country. Our main source of income is in our agriculture. We are famous for our dairy products. 454 more words

World's Food

Welcome to my blog!

“It’s not every day that a great idea shows up right in front of your face but, when it happens, you must be ready to take advantage of it.” – Myself…

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Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Wars

Whittakers beats Cadbury hands down, the market leader, surely to be agreed by all New Zealanders. L&P, Hundreds and Thousands and the most recent Jelly Tip choc, not to mention their co brand with Lewis Road Creamery – they clearly have nailed it, consumers fall to their knees and purchase purchase purchase. 101 more words