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Friday Round Up-Speedy Dessert

A very quick Friday Round Up-

What’s On Sale?

Lots of items on sale this week including all things fish, cabbage and not just the plain green type, but Napa variety too which is great in stir frys. 207 more words

Friday Round Up

Chocolate Milk the New Sports Drink

With all the hype on ‪Sports Drinks‬, what we should really be drinking is ‪Chocolate Milk‬. Recent studies show plain chocolate ‪milk‬ may be as good or even better than sports drinks. 59 more words

graham crackers

Graham crackers crumbled
in a cracked green bowl
chocolate milk


Photo-A-Day: Favorite Treat

Let me start off by saying that this post just might change your life! Ok, maybe not. But it’s close to life changing for so many good reasons. 448 more words

Daily Life

Friday feast

Shrimpies, cucumber, garlic bread, and chocolate milk.


Recovery Made Easy

Just Kidding!  Recovery is never easy!  But seriously here are some tips on recovering and getting the most out of your workout.  Keep in mind that DOMS (thats Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is going to be inevitable, especially if you’re working hard, so embrace the pain ;) 670 more words


Studies Show...What!

This is how it is done. Here is the Washington Post headline..

Why you should try chocolate milk after a workout

It doesn’t just taste good. 906 more words