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Consumption Ways of United States Chocolates

Besides solid eating chocolate, people in United States also consume chocolate syrup and hot fudge sauce by adding it on the cake or ice-cream.

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Consumption Ways Of Chocolate


heartfelt pretty pleases
and calculated
temper tantrums escalated
to ten

fervent leaps of faith
or those
elastic-band stretches on
tippy toes

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Choccy Milk!

I remember when I was younger coming home after school, my sisters and I would make ourselves Choccy Milk.
My mum would always tell us off for taking too big of a spoonful to add to our milk and repeatedly tell us we were only allowed one scoop… resulting in us than grabbing a soup spoon and using that instead hehe. 183 more words

Post-workout snacking for the win!

That after-workout glow is one of the most satisfying looks one can wear. Whatever your exercise level, proper refueling after a workout is key to helping with muscle recovery and re-hydration. 582 more words

Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Milk

1 cup unsweetened almond milk or rice milk

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

3/4 tbsp of cocoa powder

1-2 packets of stevia in the Raw (start off with one and add more if needed) 12 more words

Excerpt from Chocolate Milk

He had to try one more time. It’s not that he’s obsessed. He’s not. He just couldn’t handle anymore of this. It was all too much. 685 more words


Milk Chocolate

Dissolved cocoa

Less than 50% pure

Bittersweet potion.