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Saturday 28th March



Fruit Scone. 2 Cookies. Chocolate Milk.

Cheese/Tomato Toastie. Apple w/p Peanut Butter.

Snickers. 4 squares of Galaxy. 2 Portion’s of Pringles (about 25). 

Half Sandwich. 36 more words


Because Who DOESN'T Love Rutter's Chocolate Milk?

I am not a big fan of milk.  I like it in my cereal; I like it in my food; but I cannot for the life of me bring myself to drink it straight. 429 more words

Jordyn Nehmsmann

Saskatchewan speak

We speak normal Canadian English here in Saskatchewan — for the most part. There are, however, a few words familiar to residents of this province, that are largely unknown elsewhere. 248 more words


Rock 'n Roll Dallas with Team Chocolate Milk

Sunday was my first official race with Team Chocolate Milk at the Dallas Rock ‘n Roll half marathon, and what a great experience! This was my third year to run this race, but the course this year was different. 875 more words

Food Music Playlist #10: Got Milk?

I’ve been enjoying a reread of Barthes’ Mythologies, a collection of short semiotic studies of the foods, entertainments, and obsessions of mass culture. In “Wine and Milk,” Barthes picks up on an idea of Gaston Bachelard’s that wine corresponds to the element of fire; its opposite is the quenching power of water. 790 more words


R.T.G. (Random Thoughts Simulator) And Why Would I Be The Best Dictator In The World!

-I like contradictions and living by contrast, so that’s why I would enjoy being a dictator, but without making my population unhappy. I mean, having the power and being loved by your people, what a match made in heaven. 459 more words