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San Francisco Is Banning Chocolate Milk In School

Legislators have been working to eliminate unhealthy menu items from school cafeterias for years. Now, educational leaders in San Francisco have turned their crosshairs to chocolate milk. 54 more words


the land of chocolate milk.

I had my priorities pretty straight as a kid. Sleep often, eat well, and scream frequently – just for good measure. But my mother was also very thoughtful when it came to what we ate and drank. 430 more words


Weekly Check In: Random Thoughts on Artisinal Ketchup & Chocolate Milk

I consider myself to be a super chill restaurant customer.  I understand that more often than not, the slow service has nothing to do with the competence of the waitstaff serving me.   547 more words


Enjoy this day by eating a proper amount of chocolate without remorse and guilt! Chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world. 213 more words


Milking an Old Cow

Situational awareness. Your average person in the 3rd world knows more about how the foods they eat are produced processed than your average person in the first world. 107 more words


If You're Gullible...

When I heard there was a story about NASA running a child slave colony on Mars, I thought it was coming from the Weekly World News. 947 more words

One with the darkness ~ Едно со темнината

Most 27 year olds are most likely to be parting at 1:30 am on a saturday night.

I’m seating in a pitch black darkness on my balcony appreciating the fresh air this summer night has to offer. 91 more words