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The Ideal Recovery Drink

With so many different recovery drinks out there now-a-days, it is hard to decide what is the best fuel for your body after a workout, plus, what is going to be the most cost effective?! 760 more words

Homeschool and Homelife

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The Results are in

1st test 27 WMP (words per min) %91.2 accuracy… 84 more words


green chocolate smoothie

Yesterday, while talking of smoothies, and pros and cons of protein powders, my friend made me a chocolate kale-spinach-orange juice-kiwi-blueberry-banana smoothie (and we decided against protein powders). 94 more words


Lazy-gal breakfast!

For breakfast, I must have at least a piece of toast and something to down it. The thing is my mom just won’t let me ¬†keep any jam or Nutella (the torture), and I ain’t eating a plain piece of toast. 334 more words


Sofit Soya Milk

Many of us are being diagnosed with milk intolerance nowadays. Popularly it is known as lactose intolerance. Even I am a victim of milk intolerance, but didn’t knew all my life. 630 more words

Product Reviews

Chocolate Milk Maker Behind Sketchy "Cognitive Skills" Study Hoped To Cash In On Concussion Movie

Last December, researchers from the University of Maryland put out a press release claiming — without showing any of the science to back up the assertions — that a certain brand of chocolate milk could improve cognitive skills of concussed athletes. 522 more words