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chocolate butter mochi

Chocolate butter mochi on any day is AWESOME. On valentine’s day, its a nice twist from the other chocolate treats. Actually, that last sentence is not entirely accurate. 237 more words


Black Sesame Chocolate Mochi

This dessert was totally unintended. What we wanted to make initially to celebrate the Chinese New Year here with our English friends was to make a Chinese dessert call black sesame soup. 503 more words


Pick yourself up, and dust yourself off

Addiction. I’ve experienced the best form of it today. Nope not chocolate mochi. It’s even better.

Song addiction.

“Covalent *Tsamina mina eh eh* bonding *Waka waka eh eh* is the *Tsamina mina zangalewa* electrostatic *Anawa aa* attraction *THIS TIME FOR AFRICA~ TSAMINA MINA EH EH WAKA WAKA EH EH TSAMINA MINA ZANGALEWA THIS TIME FOR AFRICA* between the nuclei of atoms and their shared pair of electrons.” Ok. 22 more words