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Foodie Friday - My Top 5 Snack Foods 

Ok so I have a teeny tiny confession to make. I love a good snack.
In fact snacking is one of my worst traits and the reason why I’m probably resembling a whale more than a glowing earth mother during this pregnancy. 73 more words


Review: Mars Teasers Chocolate Spread

Everyone who’s tried a Mars Teasers bar or bunny knows how good it is, but a chocolate bar doesn’t carry much practical application, well apart from being eaten as a chocolate bar. 548 more words


Jim Jam Spreads...Innuendo HEAVEN! Lol

Hmmm. Now which one do we use? The chocolate? Or the hazelnut? Or BOTH?!!! Lol

I am going to be dreaming what I could do with these tonight…with any luck (you know me and my inability to dream). 8 more words

Lazy-gal breakfast!

For breakfast, I must have at least a piece of toast and something to down it. The thing is my mom just won’t let me  keep any jam or Nutella (the torture), and I ain’t eating a plain piece of toast. 334 more words


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Šokoladinis lazdyno riešutų kremas. Receptas lietuviškai įrašo apačioje.

Homemade Nutella, yes. 556 more words


Chocolate Day and recipe for homemade chocolate spread

Wednesday is Chocolate Day in our house, it has been for years now. We started the concept soon after my eldest two discovered the existence of chocolate. 912 more words