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Rant? This is a horror story with a happy ending! Molly's dreamy healthy choc spread!

Just visited a friend whose little kid is eating chocolate nut spread. It was full of sugar, salt and fat and had few health benefits. My friend shrugged and said that his three year old was a chocoholic.. 155 more words


Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- Homemade Nutella

My fiance introduced me to nutella a couple of years ago and I admit I found the concept somewhat strange. Although I am a lover of chocolate, the thought of chocolate on bread confused me. 414 more words


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - Nutella

I think English dictionary should officially include chocolates as synonyms for Girls!!! Yeah you cannot take out chocolates out of a girl’s life.. From love to break up to hangouts to night outs to patch up; chocolates have always been with me. 1,038 more words


Saturday at Revolution Kitchen

I spent a lovely day in Bath a couple of Saturdays ago with my best friend and she suggested we went to the newly remodelled and redesigned Revolution Kitchen, as in the chain of Vodka Revolution bars. 741 more words


Busy Student's Best Friend

I’m back! I think I haven’t written any posts in more than a month! I must admit I missed the blog world, but my head wasn’t producing any good ideas, as I just moved back to my parents for a few months and I had to adjust a bit, especially to all the driving to last few classes I have to pass. 463 more words

Kitchen Time

The simple things in life

We’re only human and sometimes good old strawberry jam and chocolate spread on toast is the best shit in the world.


DIY Nutella

Following the death of Michele Ferrero I decided to dedicate one of my food articles for the university paper to him and his best invention he is leaving behind. 416 more words