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Nutella & banana puff pastry bites with mascarpone

Hi everyone! :)

After my holiday break I have a new recipe for you and what’s the better start than the sweet one? 219 more words

A stew turned soup… 15. September 2015

 A banana, coffee

 Sushi and grapefruit vitamin water

 Mushroom and tofu chili soup over rice

 Raspberry lemonade

 Sandwiches with peanut butter and chocolate spread


3 ingredient chocolate spread

Hello! Yes I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently, and I need to do a proper post to fill you in on what’s been going on, but for now here’s a tasty little something to keep you going :) 173 more words


Ricotta hotcakes

I have mentioned Nigella Lawson’s ricotta hotcakes before but at that time I just included a link to the recipe on her website because I only ever made them very occasionally for my husband who disliked my stodgier Be-Ro dropped scones. 409 more words

Chocolate-hazelnut spread

I used to eat a lot of Nutella and other chocolate spreads before I went vegan. I still like them but almost all these spreads contain dairy… why? 129 more words


Triple taste layer biscuit cake

за български продължете надолу

When I go to a restaurant I always look at the desserts in the menu. Even if I don’t plan to order one, I do my little check and make my conclusions. 937 more words


Chocolate frozen yoghurt lollies

It’s the summer holidays, and whilst I love my children without question, they do test my patience by vacillating wildly between being funny little angels and obnoxious little monsters. 294 more words