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Fudgey Chocolate Banana Brownies and Rich Ganache Sauce

So, chocolate brownies have been my go-to specialty since I was in my teens, and were therefore one of the very first things I veganized. I’ve been refining the recipe ever since, and it’s now versatile enough to provide a great vegan alternative for brownies, and for a family birthday favourite: the Bruce Bogtrotter cake. 655 more words


Tahini - Chocolate Spread Recipe

Αυτή η συνταγή μπορεί να συγκριθεί ακόμα και με πραλίνα φουντουκιού! Είναι ακριβώς αυτό που χρειάζεσαι για να δώσεις ένα energy boost στον εαυτό σου το πρωί! 71 more words


Have you ever had the pleasure to treat yourself to pain au chocolat?

These bring me fond memories of when I lived in Spain. I got one of these at least every other day with a “café con leche.” These are VERY popular in Europe! 1,070 more words

Nutella Quotes - RIP Mr. Ferrero

Since its discovery in 1964, Nutella has been the guilty treat and pleasure for so many all around the world.

This past Valentine’s Day the maker of this chocolate spread and the Ferrero empire, Michele Ferrero, passed away – after a long battle with illness at 89 years old. 150 more words


@Justins #Snacking

My sweet craving has been wild lately… I satisfy it with slice of banana, Justin’s Nut Butter Honey Classic Peanut Butter
and Chocodamia


5 Reasons Why Peanut Butter is Obviously Better Than Chocolate Spread.

It’s that old aged dilemma; whether to choose chocolate spread or peanut butter? Of course here at Nutshot we aren’t biased at all, nope not one little jot… what are we saying, obviously you choose peanut butter are you insane? 405 more words