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Mini Meringues...just two ingredients!

Meringues are one of those fabulous little things that people love to eat but are often too intimidated to make for themselves. I’d always thought they were complicated and best left to those special Aunts (P, J and F) who were known for their magical powers in the kitchen. 836 more words


Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart and a bit of Pastry Advice

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but it was Easter last Sunday. If like me you are getting the chocolate withdrawals it might be a good idea to rustle up this tart for the weekend. 1,319 more words


Nutella Chocolate Tart

A few months ago I took Air France back to Hong Kong.   It served a lovely chocolate tart as part of the dinner set.   This triggered a thought of baking my own one but I hadn’t done so for a while.  173 more words


Who ate all the pies? My year of pies ~ Week 7. Chilli Chocolate Tart

My year of pies continues and so far yes I am eating them all. Week 7 and I still am not sick of them. Chilli and chocolate is a perfect combination and when put into some pastry, it is even more perfect. 275 more words

Chocolate Tart

 I can confidently say Simon Hopkinson has the best pastry recipe known to man. Though it’s not the easiest to work with it makes a super crumbly tart and is well worth the occasional bout of frustration. 360 more words