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Triple Layered Chocolate Tart

It was less than 1 week upon returning from Malta.  It was a beautiful country and has been inhabited for over 7000 years. I like particularly the hiking trips, over high cliffs facing the immense Mediterranean Sea.   383 more words


Rich (and vegan) dark chocolate and coconut tartlets

It’s been a rather indulgent period – birthday and anniversary celebrations, weekends away, and of course Easter don’t exactly lend themselves to healthy eating (or any kind of culinary moderation)! 484 more words


Dairy Free Chocolate Tart Recipe

What is there not to love about a chocolate tart?! The soft chocolate filling compliments the crispy pastry case perfectly. This is a great dessert recipe to make if you have guests coming over as you can make it look fancy- demonstrated in the picture below! 508 more words


Rich Chocolate Tart

It has been long for posting my recipe, since I got my viral flu from my husband, and unfortunately sick for more than month and I still have not recovering from my coughing.Why the virus has been so strong in Sydney?Why the doctor insisting not prescribing any medicine:”I am sorry, there is nothing we can do for the viral flu.”Both of us were told by the doctor. 999 more words


Decadent chocolate ganache tart

A long weekend is prime baking time…

This looong Easter weekend gave me the the perfect chance to experiment in the kitchen, and one of the results was this rich chocolate ganache tart with a delightfully crumbly chocolate shortbread base and a sneaky hidden salted caramel layer. 265 more words



So I decided to make truffles as gifts this Easter, something I have done many times before but alas my truffles failed!

The ganache was too soft and wouldn’t roll into balls instead melting into delicious brown blobs of goo. 565 more words