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The Cookie Monster

Hello, the antics of, “Cookie” are legendary and she’s just getting started. Damn, what more can I say about Taraji P. Hensen’s portrayal of, “Cookie Lyon?” Don’t get me twisted, the entire cast from Empire are uniquely gifted and talented, so yea, the bar of scripted television had been raised again. 57 more words


A means to love

Some people smoke
Others drink,
And by this they choose
A means to die.

Some people fall in love
With the one or another
And by this they choose… 33 more words

Chocolate Thunder

"Nate and Professor Keating"

Ok, I’ll admit that the Nate and Annalise’s horizontal big bang, was unexpected. The entire episode was riveting, but a little eye candy goes a long way. 93 more words

How To Get Away With Murder

Chocolate Thunder

I’m just going to say it, “The chemistry between the two actors on HTGAWM, seductive Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and Nate Lahey aka Chocolate Thunder (Billy Brown) is spectacular.” … 87 more words

How To Get Away With Murder


Let me peer into your essence
That I may write a poem or two
About your peerless infatuation.

I want to hear my name in the pauses… 69 more words

Chocolate Thunder


My black queen,
I offered to give her the world,
And mine.

I brought her the draught that circled
The apex of the pyramids
With a portion of the nightly stars. 133 more words

Chocolate Thunder


I knew about you in the life before
I saw you in my front garden,
You nestled among the roses
They nurtured from your radiance. 113 more words

Chocolate Thunder