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Marie Bee Worldwide: Food, Fame & The Fat Jewish

More than once, people have been really surprised that my cake pops actually taste good. I have no idea why. Because I was the one who made them? 606 more words

For my sisters without misters on v-day <3

  I’m a single lady , and for the most part (at least right now) -I’m ok with that. I love being able to buy expensive stuff and not have to worry about said boyfriends mother scrutinizing me or having said boyfriend drain my checking account. 341 more words

Chocolate Wasted Karaoke Singers Surprised By Bey & Kelly

How tight would it be if you were in mid song at your favorite karaoke spot and your favorite star whose song you were singing came up in the joint and sang with you? 89 more words

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Elf Gets Chocolate Wasted

We have all been there, when one marshmallow leads to mountain of chocolate. 12 more words


Chocolate Wasted

In honor of National Chocolate Day, I took my niece and nephew to the Melting Pot on Friday and we got Chocolate Wasted.

Okay, really I had no idea National Chocolate Day was approaching, I just wanted them to experience all that is the Melting Pot. 77 more words


Chocolate Wasted!

It is so great when you are able to use a quote from a movie in real life.

We all know the movie Grown Ups… 78 more words