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Chocolate Matzo Bark

I made this on a whim once–I like trying new things and had never made chocolate bark before, let alone on a matzo cracker. What I like about this combination is that the layer of matzo means that the chocolate bark is no longer overwhelming — as much as I love chocolate bark the confection’s thick pieces can at times feel like an inordinate mouthful of cocoa and sugar that I just don’t know how to process. 381 more words


Healthier Cranberry Banana Bread

Anyone who knows me knows that anything sweet or chocolate is my downfall. Like, seriously, anything. While you’ll likely NEVER see me pass up a cookie, doughnut or slice of cake, I also really care about my family’s health. 728 more words


The Struggle is Real: resting in the madness

Man, the struggle is real.

We have entered the It-Never-Stops season. School started, so school activities and sports are in full swing. On top of that, professional football and college football have started and there is now always going to be a game to see. 669 more words

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