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cup cakes *χωρίς αυγά και γάλα*


  • 1 κούπα χυμό πορτοκάλι
  • 1/2 κούπα σπορέλαιο ή ηλιέλαιο
  • 200 γρ αλεύρι που φουσκώνει μόνο του
  • 200 γρ ζάχαρη άχνη
  • λίγη κανέλα
  • 1 βανίλια

Mississippi Mud Cake.

Southern comfort.

The American South has a rich culinary heritage where food is regarded as being something more than mere fuel for the body. It is entrenched into every aspect of the culture and is much more like a way of life. 1,359 more words



So, I recently heard that eating chocolate in the morning can help you lose weight and many other things. A new study shows that eating a full breakfast, including protein, carbs and, DESSERT, helps you lose weight and keeps it off. 792 more words


Ameriške puhaste palačinke

Ha! Sploh nisem vedela, da so mi ameriške palačinke tako všeč. Vedno sem naredila doma tiste navadne tanke, ki jih vsi delamo. Sicer sem te puhaste nekajkrat jedla zunaj in so mi bile ušeč, ampak sem mislila, da doma narejene ne bodo (ne vem zakaj). 239 more words


Breakfast Power Protein Bars

Last winter around this time I was nursing an infant, and therefore, sleeping sporadically through the night.  Isabelle was waking up multiple times throughout the night, Jack was up once or twice a night to use the potty… and when they had both started sleeping a little more soundly – my husband got pneumonia (and tore his Achilles), the kids were both on antibiotics for their own never-ending colds, and I was plain old exhausted.   563 more words

Paleo Chocolate Salted Date Caramels

Yes, the first post on my clean eating blog is chocolate. It’s CRAZY, I agree, but the simple truth is… everyone splurges. Having these paleo caramels in my fridge have saved me from splurging on the wrong foods and if I can help others do the same, then why not start my blog off with this! 320 more words