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Coklat Durian Checkers

Mencuba sesuatu yang baru.

Pertama kali melihat coklat durian jadi teringin mencubanya. Di dalam kotak terdapatnya tiga jenis coklat durian iaitu coklat hitam, coklat susu dan coklat putih. 80 more words


So Much Chocolate.

Somehow, my desk at work has become the repository for chocolate. I was given a special block as a little gift for some work that I did, and my team ate the whole thing one day while I was in a meeting. 129 more words


Raw Brownie Bites - Vegan, Paleo Recipe

This little recipe has all the sweet fixes from a brownie but with some much healthier options!  They are so simple to make with only 6 ingredients, no bake time, no chill time and lots of variations! 246 more words


Chocolate Frangipane Muffins with a Poached Pear

Inspired by love for everything almonds: raw nuts, butter, marzipan and fillings

Do you like that luscious filling they put in almonds croissants at the bakeries? 460 more words


Matcha jade layer cake

The idea of this dessert came from wanting to create a layer cake that was visually reminiscent of a garden. I wound up with a dessert that had the gradient of a jade stone, which is still not bad, so pleasant surprises, you know? 802 more words


Dark chocolate and passionfruit baked alaska


  • 1 ½ x 500g tub dark chocolate ice cream
  • 8 x 5mm slices Madeira loaf Line

For the passion fruit coulis: