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Mr. Kiwi and Mr. Pina

A Maori and a Mexican walk into a bar. Wait a minute. No. That’s just wrong.

Mr. Kiwi and Mr. Pina are actually the names of two different grocery stores. 975 more words

Chocorooms 2: The Mutation

So, you may remember this post from last year where I discovered a bit of an… awkward candy in the Meiji production line.

Well, Meiji (makers of Pocky, YamYam, etc) seem to have discontinued Chocorooms, but apparently they still had plenty of the product backlogged, because now another distributor seems to be hocking them in dollar stores. 34 more words


Musharoom About Nothing

Friends, I have been challenged. And I am afraid I have not met up to the expectations. But every time I “lose” a challenge, I plan to revisit it until I can satisfy both my ego and my readers. 489 more words


Chocoholotastic: The Chocolate That Came To Christmas

I figured it has been a while since I have written in the Welcome To My Geekmare section of my blog, as well as haven’t written anything for a while in my Chocoholotastic series. 469 more words



I just… yeah. My curiosity got the better of me.


21 candles for the girl next door...

…and when I say next door I mean on the other side of the kitchen from me…

Yesterday was Rima aka one of my best friends/sole condo-mate’s 21st birthday and so Naz, Yurop, our friend Neha, and I prepared to surprise her at midnight… 341 more words

Flavourite Foods

chocorooms: candy that looks like a certain part of the male anatomy

Chocorooms are crackers coated in chocolate. If that sounds a lot like Pocky, well, it is basically the same thing in a different form. A tiny phallic form. 43 more words