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Onáfa hicha Toffa

In the early 1980’s, a few articles were published in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s Bishinik that suggested the Choctaw of ancient times divided their calendar into two seasons. 164 more words

Hashninnak A̱ya

Hashninnak at Fichik Apah Tók

Hashninnnak, the moon, ate fichik Aldebaran hohchifo, the star named Aldebaran, the other night. It was very hazy in the sky above Chahta i̱yakni, Choctawland, and no stars could be seen thru the haze. 37 more words

Hashninnak A̱ya

Below is an alternate interpretation of Choctaw months cited in a much less accessible resource, the Henry S. Halbert papers, 1821-1918, Box 5, folder 2 at the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Hashninnak A̱ya

This may just be the question of the season: What is the Choctaw name for the first moon cycle of Autumn?

Our assumption is that in the past, hopáki ohchásh, the Choctaw followed a lunar or lunisolar calendar.

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Hashninnak A̱ya

Hashninnak A̱ya

The first moon cycle of this year’s autumn season began with the new moon on September 30. It was a rare beginning to the season in Choctawland because the new moon was also a black moon, or the second new moon of a month. 183 more words

Hashninnak A̱ya

Same Old Story?

The spark for my new picturebook Owl Bat Bat Owl came from this Christmas card Michael made for me:

One day as I looked at it I thought, ‘bet it would really horrify those owls if another creature moved in on their branch,’ and the idea was born. 457 more words

Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick