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Character Interview: Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer's Matthew

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Matthew was written by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer.)

The Choctaw Tribune office was especially quiet that morning. Matthew had chosen this day in particular because Tuesdays were known to be the most lax time for him to work on writing the final articles before they went to press for the weekly edition. 2,975 more words


Author Interview: Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Sarah was written by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer.)

Passing through the palace of Elddon, Kelly had never been to this part of the palace before. 2,835 more words



As a followup to my earlier list of The Top 12 Deities in Choctaw Mythology here’s a look at two additional figures from that same pantheon. 296 more words

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Happy Birthday, Oklahoma!


On this day in 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state in these United States of America!

Happy Birthday Oklahoma!

108 years of statehood, and 108 years of American Pride!   369 more words

The Edge Of Nowhere

The life and times of Mahota Walker Salerno

The week before her fourth birthday, Mahota began stealing out of her room in the middle of the night to sneak to the barn and ride her horse bareback. 234 more words


Out-smarted by Smartphones?

It’s all in the palm of your hand. Or is it really? Many tech experts and forecasters see the smartphone as being the technology tool that will connect rural America, and perhaps the rest of the world to the Internet. 258 more words


Grandeur is a Warm November Night

Soda pop or Honey bubbs?

Wire coils in his hands

as he straightens his beard

to the crescendo of a song.

Rest will follow

script on scroll: 51 more words