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Talking to the Indians Again

Aunt Polly tells me that on Saturdays, the beautiful Choctaw women with long, shiny black hair would walk to town to shop and socialize. 61 more words

Choctaw Moondate: Onáfa, Kowi Chito

Today at 6:18am is the new moon Kowi Chito. During Kowi Chito, Earth will reach it’s solstice and the modern winter season will begin at 4:44am on December 21st. 152 more words

Hashninnak A̱ya

Halito My Friends

“Halito means hello in Choctaw, but I didn’t find that out for a long, long time.” from Halito Gianna: The Journey Continues.

In my journey as a family genealogist, I have found out many astonishing things about my ancestors.   324 more words


Divisions in the Indian Territory

November 20, 1861 – The war threatened to divide the Native American tribes just as it divided North and South, with Unionist Natives fleeing toward Kansas and Confederate allies of the Five Civilized Tribes in pursuit. 427 more words


Living in the Land of Death: The Choctaw Nation, 1830-1860

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This book gives a comprehensive history of the Choctaw tribe.  I knew little of them before this book.  The Choctaw’s were one of the last civilized tribes.   98 more words

Book Review

Onáfa hicha Toffa

In the early 1980’s, a few articles were published in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s Bishinik that suggested the Choctaw of ancient times divided their calendar into two seasons. 164 more words

Hashninnak A̱ya

Hashninnak at Fichik Apah Tók

Hashninnnak, the moon, ate fichik Aldebaran hohchifo, the star named Aldebaran, the other night. It was very hazy in the sky above Chahta i̱yakni, Choctawland, and no stars could be seen thru the haze. 37 more words

Hashninnak A̱ya