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pass the popcorn...

…I prefer the Wolf nipple chips actually

PussyFoot is in training as CouchSurfer and learning how they do those twists and twizzles… watching ballet on ice… What’s a Choctaw?


Rules for Researching (learned on the fly) -The Long March, part 2

Here are some of the rules I worked out about writing a book set in another time, place or culture when I was working on… 1,314 more words

Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Researching The Long March - part 1

The Dallas gas station was deserted. It was dark and I was too tired from travelling to register anything unusual. Gary filled up the tank and walked inside the shop to pay, but almost immediately hurried back to the car.  1,673 more words

Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Nanih Waiya

The bones we carried
Were more than the bones that bore.
The long dry plains, then the great fathering water.
The dead cities mounded and the forgotten fields, the forests filling back in. 89 more words


Choctaw Christmas

Nittak Hullo Chito Na Yukpa is the way to say Merry Christmas in Choctaw. It is pronounced: nit-tak hol-loh chi-toh nah yohk-pah http://www.choctawschool.com/media/31736/nittak_hullo_chito_na_yukpa.mp3

Each word has its own meaning: 544 more words


Native American Mascots

A few years ago outcry from a sizeable portion of NFL fans erupted, but it wasn’t about national anthem protesters or Colin Kaepernick, it was about the Washington Redskins. 620 more words


BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 46: Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes

Watch the BlackProGen LIVE! panel along with special guest Terry Ligon discuss  “The Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Creek are revered groups of First Nations people who have a complicated history. 20 more words