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Melungeon Art

I am working on a new piece that will include this text (see below) about Melungeons.  I got inspired by work at the opening for “What Was Is” at Bread and Salt Gallery in San Diego (Barrio Logan).   210 more words


Definition #224 Laughs

Fully human laughs

Female chuckles trickle down

Hair stands up on end!

No laughing matter:

Indian Removal Act

On this day in 1830, President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. 275 more words


Tribute to Choctaw Tribe

New sculpture in Cork, Ireland to thank the Choctaw Tribe for sending donations during Ireland’s potato famine in the mid 19th century.


5/21/15 Feels Like Home

I have a big day today. Electrical work on the power grid that has taken months on the campus of The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) will get its final energization today, after some testing and verification. 854 more words

Artist Spotlight: Shawn Joseph "Creator's Flute Warrior"

Born with a desire to play the saxophone, but never could afford one. Shawn’s uncle heard of his desire and said he had a flute he would give Shawn under one condition…. 164 more words


Artist Spitlight: The Groovalottos 

The GROOVALOTTOS are a soul-funk band of seasoned and award-winning studio and touring soul, funk, jazz and blues players. Said to play with their souls instead of their hands, The GROOVALOTTOS are contemporary Cherokee, Choctaw, and Wampanoag ‘Song Keepers’ bringing strong medicine in the form of soul-funk. 233 more words

Artist Spotlight

Where I'm at.....

So, I’m waiting for Amazon to synch the paper and the kindle versions to my author page before I spam you all with an “After Ours” share-my-post request. 328 more words