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Who am I? (Part 4)

Tittle : Who am I

Author : Acrilyant a.k.a JungHee

Cast(s) : f(x)`s Choi Sulli || EXO`s Oh Sehun || f(x)`s Krystal Jung || EXO`s Kim Jongin || After School`s Im Nana… 1,556 more words


You Just for Me (Chap 1)

Tittle : You Just for Me

Author : Acrilyant a.k.a JungHee

Cast(s) : f(x)’s Choi Sulli, f(x)’s Jung Krystal, VIXX’s Leo, Kang Jiyoung (Masih akan bertambah) 1,615 more words


You Are... (Chap 1)

Tittle : You Are…

Author : Acrilyant a.k.a JungHee

Cat(s) : f(x)’s Choi Sulli || SHINee’s Choi Minho || CN Blue’s Lee Jonghyun || EXO`s Kim Jongin || SHINee’s Lee Jinki || f(x)`s Victoria Song || f(x)’s Jung Krystal… 2,330 more words


The Next Bloodline [Chapter 10]

The Next Bloodline

Author : Mahogany4 (@ItsMahogany4)

Translater : Maria2509

Original Version klik here!

Length : Sequel

Genre : Fantasy, Romance

Rate : PG-15 2,501 more words

Choi Sulli

Tall, Dark And Evil (Teaser)

“I can’t believe she’s doing this to me!” he raged silently as he glanced at the wall clock in the study room. She was nearly two hours late and his nerves were already stretched to the limit. 716 more words

Choi Minho

The Problem with Love is..[Chap 21]

The Problem with Love is…

Main cast : Choi Minho, Choi Sulli

Support cast: Lee Taemin, Krystal Jung, Lee Jinki, Kim Jongin, and other

Author : … 885 more words

Choi Minho