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365 Challenge: Day 164 - Work

Work: mental or physical activity as a means of earning income; employment

As I began preparing my Sunday post for the next round of jobs, I realized that I never covered what the concept of a job means. 1,221 more words

365 Day Challenge

A Distant Memory...

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision of letting you go…was I too rash?

But then I remember how much it hurt too be away from you. 75 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘And with this ring I solemnly

swear, to stand for you in thickness of

good and times of despair.’ Noble promises… 31 more words


8-21-17: “Action is the antidote for despair.” Power Lunch activists Elizabeth Connor and Halimah Collingwood talk with host Emma Breacain.

Perhaps you have noticed a lot of your friends on social media urging you to call your elected officials and let them hear your opinions on current affairs and actions by our government. 223 more words


Standing Here

Standing here, looking forward
I can hope, I feel strong,
I know I can make it through this.
Looking back
I feel angry, I feel hurt, 74 more words


When You Let Choices Leave Your Grasp

“Hmm……..these humans. Quite a mess they’ve made.”

“Yeah….wow. They really are somethin’ aren’t they”

“We should have destroyed half of them a century ago.”

“Come now, don’t be like that. 623 more words