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Today at work I attended a procrastination seminar.  My favorite bit of new knowledge from the program was that “procrastination is not a time management problem”.  266 more words


Tattoo's, The Beginning Of My Fever

My first.  Swahili, circles are mother and daughter with the infinity symbol uniting their bond.

I thought it was so beautiful,  And with such love for my mother,  I had it placed where I can see it always. 40 more words


Too Little Too Late

Better out than in‘ isn’t that how the saying goes?

One day you’re a self-hating, misanthropic teenager at college with little idea of what the hell you’re going to do with your life. 362 more words


Love Is All There Is, We Have Been Loking In The Wrong PLace

Some times the the simplest can be the most evasive. The best example is the Love Energy, that is the essential energy of all creation. The Divine Matrix, witch every thing is created from, including ourselves,,becomes the quest of mankind.We spend life times searching outside of ourselves for loving acceptance, when we are what we’ve been searching for. 199 more words

Lessons from the fog

It’s three in the morning. I must make a decision. It’s keeping me awake… I’m exhausted. This as been going on for weeks, insomnia creeping in. 517 more words


Are You Professional?

What is professional?

According to a dictionary, to be professional is to be engaged in an activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than a pastime. 308 more words

Random Reflections

A Deliberate Choice : Authentic Love

I’ve always had a problem with, “love.” A problem with the way the world teaches,
“love.” A problem with the way the world defines, “love.” And a problem with the way the world shows, “love.” 1,268 more words