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Unfettered Pride...

Read Job 41

Focus on verses 33-34

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s tale of The Hobbit he creates a character similar to the creature “Leviathan” described in this chapter of Job…a huge monster that breathes fire and fears nothing and no one leaving a trail of mayhem and destruction in his wake. 334 more words

Daily Devotional


Exhausted on a Saturday.  Grateful for a long weekend with which to do anything of my own choosing.

Free time increasingly becomes a luxury, set against the pace of modern life. 10 more words


Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely – it means you’re free.

So, got anything nice planned this weekend?

Head – sleep in till 12, eat and then watch the rest of Game of Thrones braless in bed. 476 more words

Men Of Influence And How To Use It

I’m confronted every day with men who are otherwise quite capable, professional, kind, compassionate, and confident.  However, the moment I mention that I struggle with same-sex attraction I can see the “deer in the headlights” look on their face.   1,059 more words

I don’t want to live like the Joneses

The other day a song I grew up listening to was playing on the radio and interestingly, the lyrics spoke to me like never before. Maybe it was my state of mind. 443 more words

Undark woods

I prefer walking in dark woods

than the glitzy concrete road beside it

as it is




With my insecurities

as my backpack, 49 more words