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Written by Jacob Ibrag

Faces in the void seek answers to unknown

questions. Souls married to vessels plagued with

existential crises. Dry mouths, bloodshot eyes. Waiting… 156 more words


Difficult but Brave and Liberating Choice!

Xulon Press

Dunamis: Untapped, Uncommon Power http://bit.ly/1TV7MUz 

Dunamis: Workbook and Journal: http://bit.ly/29Iq93CDunamisWkbook

The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence   http://bit.ly/1UcbkEI 

The Reminder: Workbook and Journal for Success    65 more words


The environment

I am not talking about saving trees or saving the planet, although that is a truly worthy cause, but for another post.

I am talking about the environment that we are in from the moment we are born to right here now, the moment I am writing this and the moment you are reading it. 271 more words

Philip Dodson

One day on a lonely road

One day when

We’re walking down

A lonely road we’ll find,

Our significant other,

Estranged brother,

With a lot on his mind.

It may have been a year… 273 more words

The Gospel According to Tandy: Lesson Eight

The Gospel According to Tandy: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Dog
Lesson Eight: Be Present, Prioritize, Pay Attention

When I first adopted Tandy, she would sleep in bed with me every night, curling at my feet or sprawling her long body along the edge of the mattress. 1,103 more words


The Power of a Myth

Mythology exists in all aspects of our life. We believe we are a country of intelligent, entrepreneurial, caring, radical individualists who come together to share our resources and skills and make the world a better place. 605 more words