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Reconstitute … This was the theme of sleep last night, and it seems an urgent message. What exactly does it mean?

Build up again from parts; reconstruct. 303 more words


being mindful. being present. being awake.

We read and hear these words repeatedly in our culture. Often referred to the practice of meditation, of practicing quiet, of not being drawn up in another persons drama, of holding healthy boundaries; but what does it actually do for or to or through the individual  who reaches mindfulness? 555 more words

To be fair . . .

I’ve known about Adams’ Equity Theory for a long time (look it up here if you’re unsure).  And I always thought I’d understood entirely why it’s rolled out when there’s any discussion about motivation.  292 more words



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You will either experience the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The choice is yours.


Although this is the part of the story that the bards tend to focus on as the bit where Hiccup was particularly Heroic, I do not agree.

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