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What is Forgiveness?

I hadn’t planned to write on forgiveness, but it pushed to the front. I’ve heard again and again that unless you forgive, you can’t be happy or successful at life. 819 more words

Stop and Listen

Last night before we had a picnic with friends on the Biltmore Estate, they gave us a parenting tip that a wise nurse told them after their daughter was born: 65 more words



It’s been so long that one could rightly think it is all over.

Months have passed in silence and in stillness, much like an animal detecting unwelcome noises in the forest or a person wishing to be outside the frame while a picture is taken. 370 more words


Little Moments (March)...

It’s the Little Things #61: Loving the beautiful snow showers today. They bring back wonderful memories of my childhood in Marion, Indiana.
#62: Yesterday, trusting the weatherman enough to put my boots in the car. 1,310 more words


We do it to ourselves

I was reflecting on an experience I had as a child. I hid behind the couch to pull my loose tooth out. It was not that I thought I was doing something wrong, or it hurt less if I did it. 1,012 more words

Modern Friendship in a 100 Words

Flossy’s Instagram is full of Fanny’s photos. But Flossy’s thoughts are free of Fanny. When Fanny calls, Flossy avoids her. She has her studies and internship. 86 more words

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Pick your Poison

It’s always difficult to choose a path. Good or bad, right or wrong, walked or undiscovered. It’s always difficult. But you do. You don’t or rather you can’t walk on both. 469 more words