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Muslims, Buddhists,

False religion’s what they’re choosin’

She’s Pentecostal,

He’s Baptist,

They Catholic, Adventists

Me, I’m Christ-Served

That’s the Right Word

No time for “religion” ’cause that’s backwards… 49 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Moving places, from void to filled. They

call it the great escape, avoiding the emptiness. Not so.

Followers among them all. Disbanding from detail to become… 24 more words



We are a sum total of our brainchildren.

We are products of what we’ve accepted to live by. What we treasure in our minds and what we deem valuable in our perceptions and worldviews. 94 more words

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“I used to dream about escaping

my ordinary life, but my life was never

ordinary. I had simply failed to notice

how extraordinary it was.”

– Ransom Riggs

Photographer Unknown


Choice, Vitality, Instinct

We’re approaching a busy ten days, no matter how you usually Celebrate Samhain, All Saint’s Day, Día de los Muertos, Halloween, All Soul’s Day, or whatever other spin your Ancestors put on the end of the first Decan of Scorpio.  1,087 more words


The Key to Life

The people of Israel were highly favoured. Of all the nations on the earth, God chose to select this particular set of people and affix them His identity. 337 more words

Operation Youth Reap

Standing Alone

Most of us are born into some kind of family unit, often with others around us much of the time.  As we grow we learn from watching them, talking to them, and living our lives alongside them.  534 more words