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The Fork

I’m standing right now

At a fork in the road

Two careers, two paths

But which is best, I don’t know

To be safe and silent… 89 more words


Sweet Cinema Therapy

If you haven’t seen “Hacksaw Ridge,” go see it. And after that, see if you can find “The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio” starring Marianne Moore. We happened upon it on TV, and it was fabulous in a different way than Hacksaw, but the attitude of courage, purpose and humor that carries the main character is the same. 394 more words

Which Yoghurt Should I Buy?

Yoghurts can be difficult. Many people like to have a yoghurt as breakfast, a morning or afternoon snack. However, the many yoghurts on the market differ greatly in sugar and fat content – and that 175g tub of yoghurt may be packing more than what you think it is. 267 more words


I can't teach without these 5 things. Period.

Just recently I heard a story. I love stories, especially stories that resonate with me and give me a swift kick in the learning pants. I’d love to share this story with you. 1,356 more words

No Safe Route

I was brought up in London. The infant school I went to was just up the road from our house, and I would walk there with my mum and my sister, along the wide, tree lined London pavements. 976 more words