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Memory Foam

I am going to attempt another adventure this week. A trip planned in 1991 so, I figure it is  about time I got round to it, albeit it, in a different way. 199 more words

Birthday Fun!

When you’re growing up, there is nothing more exciting than birthdays. For Connie, it doesn’t matter if it is her’s or someone else’s birthday, she still gets just as excited. 380 more words


October 21st 2016

Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?


I don’t understand the pro-life movement for a second. There are so many valid reasons for abortion. The main thing that baffles me is how they say they are “pro-life”. 974 more words

What Makes a Right Choice?

Sometimes, knowing right from wrong seems remarkably easy. At other times, it seems impossibly difficult. When it does seem difficult, how do we know what choice to make? 290 more words


Foolish Secrets

Years ago I was friends with a woman who was overweight.  I couldn’t understand it.  She hardly ever ate anything when I was around her.  She would pick at the food on her plate and seldom finish a meal.  358 more words

Stealing? Nuh #46

“Keep going. Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time.”

– Anonymous