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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

Frost.  A man of wisdom, words, and power. 

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Mostly I’d lie there. Pretending to be asleep. But sometimes, I opened my eyes. I’d focus on the ceiling tiles. I’d trace the cracks with my eyes as I made choo-choo train sounds in my mind. 189 more words


Modern Luxury

Before WWI, people had very little entertainment. You had to go to a live performance to hear music or see a show, most people never went on vacation, and food was mostly home cooked and home grown. 231 more words



For many, it seems to make sense that one can be a “Christian” and at the same time show allegiance towards a country, a denomination, even a pastor, but by mere definition and from observing God’s character in the Bible, having allegiance for Christ plus anything else on the side is simply irreconcilable in the long run. 124 more words


Blueberry Gumbo Nutmeg Sirloin Swirl

My wife asked me what kind of ice-cream she should buy from our new supermarket that sells 15 different brands and some 90 odd flavors. I told her, “I have no idea…surprise me.” So, she came home with vanilla.



Trouble was an incorrigible thing.



And dangerous

But trouble was–

Is always alluring,



And If Trouble ever needed a place to stay for the night; 6 more words


This Is War

Ya know that place in the Bible where Paul expresses his frustration with himself? It is literally an identical copy of my mind today. Romans 7:15-25: 2,041 more words