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Paths #midnighthaiku

Multiple choices

From the centre many paths

Bewilder the mind


The spokes of a wheel

In solar radiation

From a single point


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As I walk on grass,

It feels moist and fresh,

My feet are gleeful.

Empathy fills me,

I realise true value,

Of the grass lands.

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F.A.F -- Flighty as Fuck

Guess who’s back. Me, precious! I was talking to my mother the other day on one of our evening walks and I said aloud how I have been feelingĀ and thinking all this time in my adulthood. 86 more words



I have this theory that age sinks in once we stop seeking challenges.

Hopping out of a new bed, climbing a tree, learning to read, taking off the training wheels, making it into the toilet, standing tall at a new school. 502 more words


Chasing After Who??..

I’m tired!
Breathless due to the exhaustion.
Can I take a seat?
I can’t run anymore.
I have nothing left in me.
I’ve been running and running for far too long… 115 more words


Why are romantic relationships all everyone ever talks about?

It hit me the other day. Sitting down on a bench, eating my lunch on my break- watching the endless crowds of people rush by. Everyone is always so emersed in their own worlds. 390 more words


The Newest Dream - Africa!

Almost exactly one year ago, I was leaving to head to Iran for the trip of a lifetime. But with luck, I’ve got a whole lifetime still ahead of me, so it’s time to start dreaming about the newest journey. 455 more words