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Parenting is more than a juggling act. .. and why?

Imagine yourself not just juggling four oranges, but plates are being tossed in for you to juggle too, and you gottta be so careful, you do not want it all to go to pieces with one plate dropped. 774 more words


Time to get out of Bed

Today, please do the best for yourself. If that is all that you can handle, that is good enough. Make sure that you do not stay in bed. 84 more words

Truly Living Free

As I begin writing this blog, Truly Living Free, I can not help but wonder how many people are feeling just like I used to feel? 238 more words


Ramblings from a confused mind

Ramblings. I apologise now, this post is probably going to be long, and all over the show and thoughts spurted out of my brain as I think them. 2,473 more words

How do I get you alone?

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog. My life changed in a BIG way, maybe the BIGGEST way, this past Monday. All of the sudden, I became single. 145 more words


The Good Samaritan: A true narrative

So last week I was on the bus going to visit my girlfriend. I was feeling rather stressed about money and was just in a bad mood in general. 825 more words

My Thoughts


“Blip” is a funny word.  It was the first word that popped into my head when I registered that I had to put in a title for this post.   1,390 more words