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How To Make Business Meetings More Effective

Among the top choices for business meetings or corporate events venue is Berkeley in California. Berkeley Marina meetings can be easy and affordable with the special provisions that businesses can take advantage of. 6 more words

Modern Makeup part 3:

In my first two blogs I discussed the trends between Victorian and Edwardian era makeup and fashions. In this blog I’m going to focus on modern makeup and give some helpful hints that I used in the past in a pinch when money was extremely tight. 997 more words

May 2015


It was the first week of May 2015 in Delhi. The air was getting warmer and warmer with every passing day. The Gul Mohur trees all over the city had their heads covered with red and orange flowers in full bloom, glowing and shining at their brightest under the hot, scorching sun of the noon hour. 1,765 more words


Five Ways Not to Live Your Dream

Most or our ambitions won’t be realised, but that doesn’t matter if we have reasonable successes to keep us going. The truth is, we generally settle for far less than we could have, and we keep ourselves safe by setting our sights low. 17 more words

Personal Performance

I wish

I wish I didn’t think of you
Yet it’s all I seem to do
No matter where my mind wanders
It always comes right back to you… 23 more words


"Navigating the electric storm of the mind"

Well you stopped the seemingly endless down pour of
rain in your heart….
With a little help

But the flooding showers
can return ever so easily… 51 more words