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The Battle: Man v/s Society

How difficult is it to be a God-fearing, bible-thumpin’, praising & worshiping, tithing & offering Jesus Freak in 2017? How about just defining where you are in your walk with the Lord — if you’re walking with him at all? 812 more words

Building Relationships

College Update: Where I'm actually going

Hello Interwebs! It seems that you guys really liked the sort of informal type blog post so I thought I’d make another one. Recently, I posted about my college acceptances and how I was going to commit to ASU. 444 more words

Removing the Filter

Sometime here recently I removed my filter. You know that thing that keeps you from saying something completely out of line or totally inappropriate. Yeah that thing. 230 more words


...keep the faith.

I am a football guy, and yet, I really cannot speak to the career of #94 on the football field.

For sure, he must have been a football player most of his young life. 379 more words


Follow your heart

I know, many people says that, but seriously consider it. You don’t always have the opportunity, but when you do, you should.

When I was at the age of choosing a career, I was offered by my parents to go and study art. 184 more words


Random Question

Do you ever find yourself pondering over random theoretical situations or questions? Well, I do. My latest bite of brain pudding is this…

Would it be better to: 46 more words


New start

Well, let’s try this.

This supposed to be like a life example-don’t make the same mistakes, I did kind of blog. The title is a bit misleading, there are no balls, no princes, no happy ending. 150 more words