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But Then, I Prayed.

I’m just not feelin’ it.  Early mornings and lots of effort will produce just what it did yesterday.  What’s the point? I think I won’t today.  338 more words

EP #153: Rita Kyker Interview – From Pebbles To Pearls

In this episode, Rita Kyker opens up on her life of abuse and how she worked on recreating her new self. She speaks her truth on pebbles to pearls. 216 more words

My Time Is Now


Before me
Many paths appear
Mind racing
I calculate each
Past choices
Hold sway over me
Step of faith
Will wrong become right
I can not stand still… 6 more words

Just Poetry

Passion = Profession ?

Career vs. Happiness ? Or does this have to be a question. All my life I focused on the financial side of what I needed to be ‘happy’ and to lead the ‘lifestyle’ I was accustomed to. 226 more words

The Three C's in Life

I don’t know where this concept originated. To be perfectly honest, I just saw it in passing on Pinterest and it resonated with me. I knew it was the perfect introduction to this blog. 460 more words

The Squeaky Wheel...

We’ve all heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease…” We understand it’s meaning as “the person who complains the loudest gets their way.” What we fail to see, is the wheel is incapable of getting it’s own grease. 777 more words

Help! There are too many themes…

I cannot be the only blogger here who is having difficulty deciding which WordPress theme best suits my blog. They say that choice is good, but, to be honest, there are simply too many to review and pick from. 200 more words