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Sweet Indecision

Which do you prefer,

After the rainfall’s ending

Or before the coming night?


It is hard to choose

between afters and befores

when both can be so sweet.


On Outside Influence

So I recently wrote on my interest and appreciation of Salem and why I enjoyed the series. While I like show in general, there was something that kept bugging me as I was seeing it. 312 more words


I Am Back

It has been a long time, too long, since I posted.

I have allowed my old self doubt to creep back into my life and it can, or should I say has in the past, paralysed me. 236 more words

An Infection of Individualism: The Affluenza Affliction

An Infection of Individualism: The Affluenza Affliction

by Mama D

“…I mean the bare necessities,

Old Mother Nature’s recipes

That brings the bare necessities of life...” 4,789 more words


When I grow up

What would I do if money was no object?

I don’t know. That’s the problem. Part of my problem is that I’ve not wanted to fail, so I failed in the most miserable way: by not moving myself – not doing the scary things. 340 more words


So how did Taleb do it? How did he make what he so eloquently likes to call “F*** you money” on account of what it allows you to say to people you no longer have to work for? 848 more words


Be Sure of Your View

There you stand,

Believing your vision is clear because you assume you stand on flat land.

Consoled by your thoughts,

You think you see,

The path set out before you clearly. 452 more words