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Coke: (n) A popular short term for the popular soft drink Coca Cola.

I had an explanation. I really did.

I did not wish to share it because it made me look wimpy. 404 more words

C Words


I mustered the courage that took forever to gain

I took that step forward

And then just suddenly stopped

I just chocked, I couldn’t continue


I Almost Fucking Choked To Death

I was simply taking a sip of coffee
When I started thinking about what we used to do

How funny it was…

And when I laughed… 192 more words


Save me.

I can’t make you love me


I can’t make myself care less.

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Our Senior High School Funny Moments

Well we are seniors now @Southeast asian institute of local governance and high school will end very soon. Even today we had one of those moments when we was sitting at our lunch table and we realized we would be graduating very soon. 234 more words

Throat fucked

I’m naked, restrained, blindfolded, my head bent backwards over the edge of the bed. My arse still stings from the lashing of Master C’s belt. 507 more words

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