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Inferiority choked me,

I tried to loosen its grip

but it was too strong that I

gave up and let it killed me.


672,768,000 - 1

I don’t remember passing out or being unable to breath. All I remember before I blacked out were two hands around my neck squeezing tightly with a vice-like grip. 400 more words

Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (383)

A recent, back of the hand, comeback certainly provoked-

My attention, at dinner, and I nearly choked.



Fri Nov 13/15 Open Mat

Fri the 13th…


Full mat yet again.

Where these homies coming from.


Unconscious I was at one point… crazy when you lose a few seconds of memory. 536 more words


Man Reportedly Choked A Woman For Reclining Her Seat To Far Back On A Southwest Airlines Flight

I think we have all been there. You’re on the plane and the person in front of you reclines their seat so far they are basically sitting in your lap. 37 more words


Life in the Briar Patch: Thoughts from the Thorn Bush

Do you ever feel consumed by the demands of navigating what you imagine should be simple, routine challenges?  When we registered our eldest child for a basketball program, we were shocked that practices were daily two-hour regimens with games twice a week in the evenings.   735 more words

Where Are You Now?

Trump Slams Hapless Romney: He choked!

Donald Trump fired back at Mitt Romney on Thursday, a day after the 2012 GOP presidential nominee predicted that Trump would not be the Republican nominee. 62 more words

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