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I stumble across
My words, like a
Drunk, maneuvering
Step by step, a staircase,
so winding it, appears
as though it has no end-

Try as I might, I… 46 more words

I Want...

I want to kneel, without being told.

I want to kiss, like it will be my last.

I want to love, like it was the first time. 55 more words

I wrote

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote!
I stabbed the empty paper with
all the words that filled up my dry throat
I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! 77 more words


A Suffocated Soul.

Not of breath;
But  of emotions.

Sometimes  sharing your emotions doesn’t help. Sometimes you want to speak your heart out, but not all things are meant to be spoken. 419 more words



Im amidst of confusion where no Halycon appeared.

Bounded by darkness, yet no one could see.

Am i at fault? or just kin thy blind? 42 more words



an afternoon nap—

dreaming of Monet’s garden

choked with lily pads