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Series of Unfortunate Events: Blowing a 3-1 Lead

Rather than talk about stories from my own life this week, I decided to check out some stories from professional sports lately. Perhaps the biggest fail in sports these days are the tremendous collapse of the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Indians at the end of their respective seasons. 209 more words

"Series Of Unfortunate Events"


The trickery that one’s mind plays..

in despair
of a never ending disaster
just waiting to appear. 118 more words


“It really happened. I almost choked to death,”Says he choke on Popeyes Fried Chicken

A Mississippi attorney filed a lawsuit against fast-food restaurant Popeyes’ after he says almost died choking on Popeyes Signature fried chicken because they didn’t provide a knife for him. 126 more words

Odd News


I stumble across
My words, like a
Drunk, maneuvering
Step by step, a staircase,
so winding it, appears
as though it has no end-

Try as I might, I… 46 more words

I Want...

I want to kneel, without being told.

I want to kiss, like it will be my last.

I want to love, like it was the first time. 55 more words

I wrote

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote!
I stabbed the empty paper with
all the words that filled up my dry throat
I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! 77 more words


A Suffocated Soul.

Not of breath;
But  of emotions.

Sometimes  sharing your emotions doesn’t help. Sometimes you want to speak your heart out, but not all things are meant to be spoken. 419 more words