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Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot 5775--Shabbat Torah Study at Adat Shalom with Rabbi Aaron Bergman--Joy You Can Count On

By the time you review this, we will be in the midst of the Festival of Sukkot. Among its names, we refer to it as Zeman Simchateynu—the Season of Our Rejoicing. 504 more words

Going from Succot to Simcha Torah

Succot (AKA = Festival of Tabernacles or Festival of Booths).

Simcha Torah = Rejoicing the Torah. The start of the book of Genesis for the new years cycle of reading the 5 books of Moses. 88 more words

Chinatown adventure

We headed out for another Sukkot scavenger hunt, destined this year for Chinatown (read last fall’s post on our adventure in Millenium Park.). Now, you might be wondering what two families who keep kosher would do in Chinatown? 327 more words

Family Fun

Moed Katan 10

The Gemara cites an incident where Ravina had merchandise that was selling on Chol Hamoed for six thousand zuz he was permitted by law to sell it on Chol Hamoed as waiting would have caused him considerable loss. 119 more words

Moed Katan 2

This Masechta discusses the laws pertaining to Chol Hamoed, the Intermediate Days of the Festivals. Why are these intermediate days referred to as חול המועד? 184 more words

What is Chol HaMoed?

In the middle of Passover and Sukkot, you may hear the term “Chol HaMoed” or “Hol HaMoed,” and you might wonder, “A Whole What???”

That’s what Jews call the middle days of Passover and Sukkot. 251 more words

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