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How to Keep the Cholesterol in Control

How to Keep the Cholesterol in Control:

You will be in danger in some cases if your cholesterol level in the blood increases or it will be above the marginal level. 308 more words


How to Clean Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Residue In 40 days

In order to protect your heart and overall health, you should find an effective way to cleanse the arteries in order to remove the accumulation of toxins and fat, and to boost their elasticity. 43 more words

Food, glorious food

When I was in hospital, I was put on a low-residue diet, which is essentially a low-fibre diet: white bread; white pasta; skinless potato; skinless kumara; pumpkin; soft, lean meats; stewed fruit; hard cheese; eggs; and so on. 344 more words

Chronic Disease

Thyroid and heart disease

How is thyroid linked to heart disease?

Heart disease can occur with both increased function of the thyroid gland and decreased function of the thyroid gland. 259 more words

Heart Failure

Is Shrimp High in Cholesterol? Nutritional and Heart Health Information

Eating shrimp as part of a balanced diet is not only safe but can offer a person several key nutrients.

Doctors previously recommended against eating shrimp as part of a heart-healthy diet, citing the high levels of cholesterol. 976 more words