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The Cost of Medicine in America

First I am only relating what is/has happened to me.

I have high cholesterol.  I have tried diet to control it, but really didn’t put a lot of effort into it.  214 more words

The proved benefits of Wheat Germ

What Is Wheat Germ?

Wheat germ is part of the whole grain – its most nutritive part!

Wheat germ it’s removed from processed wheat products (in order to keep the wheat in storage much longer) e.g. 928 more words


Cholesterol Part 1 - The Lipid Panel

I first want to say that this is going to be a discussion of cholesterol from a 50,000 ft view and there are many nuances that will be left out for ease of explanation and comprehension. 1,553 more words


“Treat” cholesterol, exorcise the bogeyman | Dr. William Davis

Cholesterol panels are a source of constant confusion for many people. And most doctors are no help, having been brainwashed by marketing from the drug industry, who pass off clinical trials as “science,” studies bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry to drive statin drug sales, with exaggerated results reported via absurd statistical manipulations (e.g., reporting “relative risk” rather than absolute risk, a misleading way to play games with numbers, a topic to discuss in future). 1,176 more words

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No Dairy, No wheat? No Wine? What?

Oh doctor, you might be skinny and smart, but you are no fun.

Cholesterol too high.

Are statins good for me?

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 4 years ago and immediately was placed onto medication due to family history. The question that is now reoccurring quite a bit inside my head is; 870 more words