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Why I called my cholesterol book "How I Conquered High Cholesterol ..."

I’ve recently had a very negative review on this book on Amazon UK that says this book goes against current medical advice and thus is worthless. 303 more words


FDA Adds Diabetes, Memory Loss Warnings To Statins

Oh, come on Jimmy! Absolutely everyone already knows” that you need to have to hold your total cholesterol beneath 200 and your LDL bad” cholesterol beneath 100 in order to be deemed healthy” and secure from cardiovascular difficulties. 701 more words


I'm No Longer Prediabetic

I like food. I like enjoying food with friends. This has been the case for most of my life. Granted, the food I enjoyed eating was not always the best for me. 1,512 more words


My Journey through Weight Loss Lesson#9 EAT BREAKFAST!

So now to the business at hand…What SHOULD I eat. How much?  And when?

Let’s start with the basics. It IS true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 462 more words

Saturday Study Recap - Basic Macronutrient Breakdown

It’s Saturday Recap time again.  I’m excited about this section.  It’s on nutrition.  I’ve mentioned before that I got my bachelor’s in nutrition.  It’s a topic I love.  849 more words


FDA approves second in new class of cholesterol lowering drugs By Debra Goldschmidt, CNN

Repatha is the second in a new class of drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors to win FDA approvalThe drug is a second line of treatment for those who can’t take or don’t respond to widely used statins for lowering cholesterolOther pharmaceutical companies are working to develop their own drug in this new class 1,207 more words


The Cholesterol Plaques Water Movement

The Cholesterol Plaques Water Movement was held on the Moscow River.  Volunteers crossed the river on colored mattresses, depicting how cholesterol plaques can “swim” in the human bloodstream and eventually lead to a heart attack.