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Boys (and Jess) in the Hood

I took Abe and Alex out for a drive. We didn’t have a destination in mind so I just followed roads at random. I should’ve gone downtown or something because we ended up in the ghetto. 270 more words



Like a cycle
The story is never ending
A drunk of a father
A mother consumed by the power of the unknown drugs
And yet there you see on the floor… 253 more words


She chose the thug life, it didn't chose her.

A day of loss.

Every now and then, I turn around and suddenly have an “Oh Shit!” moment.

They are usually due to my own stupidity and the last 24 hours have been no exception to that rule. 596 more words

[Toons] Cholo-Chu

Random doodle that I decided to color for a buddy of mine!

I was doing some random doodles of Pokemon and for some reason I decided to draw Pikachu dressed like a cholo. 60 more words



Being all ironic and stuff, people keep posting that really old story about the guy who began Earth Day later killing and composting his girlfriend. And why not? 932 more words

Greater L. A. Hipsterpolitan Region

GIANT nails.

Every time I get my nails done, I can never settle with a template from a magazine.  The toughest seasons are always Spring and Summer because all the nail designs are pastel colored with flowers and cute shit.   243 more words


Gothic Summer

Prayers – Gothic Summer

Two words: Cholo Goth.

This band is too much. We cannot stop listening to them. Someone please tell us when Prayers are… 19 more words