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Notions of Criticality in an Overly Critical Globalised Society

In academic contexts, the word critical is used often and, arguably is losing any anchored roots to theory in education. Kuntz (2016, p.171) raises a number of specific concerns about “the ubiquity of the term “critical” in methodological scholarship, calling for a renewed association of the term with projects concerned with social justice, truth-telling, and overt articulations of social good.” An innocuous intent of many researchers to introduce the terminology of critical or criticality, Kuntz suggests, dilutes the contextual intent of being critical in education research and moves further away from core tenants of critical theory such as social justice, greater/social good, truth-telling and radical democracy. 821 more words


The Empire’s “Lefty Intellectuals” Call for Regime Change. The Role of “Progressives” and the Antiwar Movement

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, January 09, 2018

What is now unfolding in both North America and Western Europe is fake social activism, controlled and funded by the corporate establishment. 1,508 more words

War On Syria

All you need to know about Israel, The Lobby, Yinon Plan & Trump (video)

January 06, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


10 minutes interview on the most popular political show  on Turkish TV.

Turkish Tv, YAZ BOZ; ” Ergün DİLER – Bekir HAZAR”: 29 Dec 2017


Chomsky or Tomasello? KATIE O'REGAN tries to avoid sitting on the fence in the language learning debate.

Would you ever think there would be so much controversy on how a child says their first word? Have you ever wondered where the ability to acquire language comes from? 722 more words

University Of Chester

Universal Grammar or intention-reading & pattern-finding? EMMA BARRY explores two key theories of language learning.

There are two major contrasting approaches to child language acquisition (CLA). The ‘nativist’ approach encompasses the belief that children are born with innate knowledge of language (Universal Grammar). 845 more words

University Of Chester

How do children really acquire language? Is it in their nature or do they need to be nurtured along the way? KATIE ROBERTS investigates.

Do you have a burning desire to know how you started talking and forming grammatical sentences? This may not be at the top of your priority list but there has been a debate in this linguistic field for decades.   905 more words

University Of Chester

Will Chomsky’s theories set you free?

I have seen many videos where Chomsky talks. He is obviously well-regarded as an intellectual, activist, and leftist, and also seems to have a strong character, especially considering the success that he has achieved (he is still humble and hasn’t fallen trap to believing in any cult of personality). 482 more words