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Blood begets blood

Words by Thomas Abildgaard

At the time of writing the US has pulled out of the joint nuclear deal with Iran, has all but sabotaged the purportedly coming nuclear talks with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and has been sliding towards increased involvement in Syria due to chemical weapons attacks that have just now been reported by the OPCW as likely, … 898 more words

Ethnic Cleansing

Trompsky #4

Welcome back professor Trompsky, how was your month, I think it has been a month since we have seen each other?
– How was yours? … 525 more words


Community of Solidarity- The Moral Foundation of the Left

As neoliberal governments around the world fall under pressure from movements on both sides of the political spectrum we are facing a crisis of democracy. Politicians openly challenge the tenets of democracy and the rule of law from within the chambers of democratic institutions as followers support them through marches and activities outside. 815 more words


QOTD: November 5, 2018

“…where there is extensive breakdown of the functioning of institutions and established ways of doing things, and where a government under the dire threat of violence and total social chaos so fundamentally alters itself that we have a radically different government and set of social arrangements, it is hardly a deviation from linguistic regularity to say that the legally established government has been overthrown.”        ~ Kai Nielsen, “On The Choice Between Reform And Revolution”

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Noam Chomsky Explains How 'Criminally Insane' Republicans Quietly Filed 'The Most Evil Document In History' | Alternet

Progressive intellectual Noam Chomsky famously called the Republican party the “the most dangerous organization in world history” after the election of Trump.In a new interview with Scientific American, Chomsky expounded on those thoughts, and gave some disturbing examples of how Trump-era Republicans now qualify as “criminally insane.” 17 more words

People talk

When we weave our Future into existence, do we pause to look at the web of knowledge that forms the basis of that future?

Do we understand the intrinsic nature of our desire to bring some aspect of our Mind into Matter? 32 more words

Ending the reign of Standard English: Why Channel 4’s Gogglebox is important for positive representation of diverse accents and dialects.

Channel 4- known for its controversial and risqué shows- is paving the way for positive media representations of accents through one of its popular programs, Gogglebox. 426 more words