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Here and now...

I’m really enjoying where I am right now, it feels really good.

Lessons In Life

Lauren Cox -- A Millennial Hero for Us All

Despite adulation for sports stars, they are not “heroes” in the true sense of the word. Athletes’ on-field performance does not make them heroes. Their off-field exploits may. 395 more words

Living Well


Let’s just dive into this one, shall we? Last week I talked about being content and how I believe real happiness lies in being content. One of the ways you can learn to be content in your circumstances is to stop doing the things that make you miserable! 1,370 more words



Who I am is a mystery to me. I feel lost in a dark part of my head. I want to be able to illuminate that person that is somewhere under the surface. 193 more words


Say what now?

E. *calling down the hall*: “Mummy, I hear that P’s awake!”
Me: “Do you want to go in and say good morning to her?”
E.: “Yes please!” *gets stool from the bathroom, climbs up and takes latch off door*, opens door* “Good morning, P-Boa!” 267 more words

Choose Happiness

Choice points...

What do I want? I want truth. I’m usually so concerned about what the other person is thinking and how they might react instead of what I want and if I’m getting what I even need from a situation. 222 more words

Note To Self