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we make so many choices everyday: what to eat, what to wear, what to do. yet one choice we have full control over, we do not make. 338 more words

Numerous Health-Related Videos

Today, we feature four valuable health-related videos. We hope you find them valuable. :-)

12 Health Problems Your Hands Are Warning You About
11 Signs of Health Problems Hidden On Your Face… 27 more words

Monday Morning Motivation

I know that for many of us, Monday Mornings are a rough start to the week… but they keep on coming! That’s why I came up with the Monday Morning Motivation so that I am assured to start the week off in the right frame of mind. 246 more words

Monday Morning Motivation

Be Still and Know

Monday musings on a Tuesday morning.

Sometime over the weekend.. Saturday afternoon, I believe, I found myself needing to hear from God. It was actually more of a gentle nudge from Him that He needed to tell me something and that I needed to listen.. 450 more words

Dying is Easy, Living is Harder

Dying is in fact easy. It’s an easy way out of your problems and worries. To give up a dream, a relationship, a goal. It’s as easy as a blink of an eye. 131 more words

Understand How Colors Affect YOU

Do you understand how colors affect YOU? They can greatly influence both our psychological and physiological state of well-being.

Take a look at the following infographic to learn more about how colors affect our well-being.