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What does Living Well mean to you?

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Just read a good article about the “Wellness” movement. I hadn’t even thought about it before today, but this sparked something:

http://frame.bloglovin.com… 175 more words


How Much Do YOU Want to Know About YOUR Health?

Interesting topic, right: How Much Do YOU Want to Know About YOUR Health? Especially regarding our future life expectancy. 

Recently, B.J. Miller and Shoshana Berger wrote a valuable op ed piece… 259 more words


How Old Do YOU feel?

For me, this is really a two-part question. At age 70, I feel great both psychologically and mentally. I perceive myself as much younger than I am. 287 more words

Living Well

Happy Father's Day -- Be Well!

Father’s Day is a special time for many of us. I lost my father Joseph and father-in-law Murray quite a while ago. But this is when I think of them the most. 380 more words


Life-Enhancing Questions

At this blog, we devote a large portion of our posts to tips for enhancing our lives. See, for example. Improve Your PositivityLife Too Short to Hold Grudges… 171 more words


The Power of Perception

Think back to when you woke up this morning…What was your first thought? What was the tone of your thought? How did your thought make you feel? 500 more words

The Compromised Hippie

Life Is Too Short to Hold Grudges

Virtually all of us (myself included) have gotten upset enough to hold a grudge — at least for a while. Sometimes, we can’t even remember why a grudge was started. 292 more words