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Look Good, Feel Good (Part 2)

At the beginning of this week I asked whether our inner emotions are reflected in our outer appearance.

What if we decided to do that going forward? 113 more words


Day 7 // Monday again

Who here doesnt like Mondays?

I for one do not, but trying to be positive here and saying Mondays are for a fresh start to a new week. 105 more words


Push Through The Fear

Over the past years I have been teaching myself to be happy. To steady myself when I start to get too frustrated or mean. To look around and see what’s there. 444 more words


Too Many Options

I’m currently working on an order for a canvas and a few side projects. I am finding that I am way too indecisive when it comes to picking out a font! 330 more words


Day 3 // Say yes

Shit, I forgot to write last night. Well actually I didn’t forget, I fell asleep. I was meaning to write once the girls were asleep but Thursday got the better of me. 76 more words


I have been promoted! Wait what?

So a big change has happened for me, as of last week. I have been promoted at my job. This is a surprise to me. Did I apply for the job? 320 more words


10 Months Tomorrow

10 months tomorrow you you physically left this earth to Heaven, but your spirit lives on in each one of us kids everyday. Everyday I see you in my brothers, the way they talk, the way they laugh, the way they live their life. 369 more words