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 Hello, こんにちは, 안녕하세요, Kamusta?

Hi everyone, I am Vennize— a 15-year-old filipina. I named my site “thyhappynes” which has two meanings:

  • First is, ‘thy’ means ‘your’ so it can be meant as ‘
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Banana Cookies

So I haven’t written in here in a while and I keep telling myself I’m going to but I feel like sometimes I’m just a broken record that keeps writing the same things because feelings don’t really change. 576 more words

Mountains Part Two: Verbier, Via Ferrata and handsome young Danes

During a well deserved and delicious supper with Melody at Canteloupe where we feasted on a particularly tasty dish of feta cheese swathed in delicate sheathes of filou pastry and drizzled in local honey and cashew nuts, she told me about a remote lake, complete with its own refuge, high above a village called Fionnay and a walk you could do there via the track from La Chaux.  5,150 more words

Live Life Better


The choice is us to make! So choose happy. For a long time i choose to remember the day i cant say goodbye or the day 133 more words

Malaysian Blogger

Mountains, marriage and marmots. Part One: happy memories and a close shave for an extraordinarily naughty Tiggy #TooCloseForComfort

Isn’t it funny how you can go away for ages, come back and only five minutes later feel as if you’ve never been away?

Tarifa and our beach-based life seemed a world away by day two of being tucked back up in my little Cowes cottage. 4,364 more words

Live Life Better

Choosing Happiness

Everyone always says “happiness is a choice.”

*Eye roll*

Until recently I literally thought these people were off their rockers. They never had to deal with anything in their lives and that’s why they could say that. 278 more words


On The Daily #190

Hi, friends! With a much happier mindset, today is going pretty well so far. That being said, I decided to daily vlog for the month of August. 127 more words