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The inner optimist 

Ever wake up one morning and just decide to be happy. Decide that today will be the day that grumpiness can fuck off. Well I do, all the time. 351 more words


The end of my relationship was the best thing that could've happened to me.

Imagine spending almost a quarter of your life so far with someone, tentatively planning a future with them and thoroughly planning the trip of a lifetime with them. 1,868 more words

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7 simple and effective mood lifting ideas

7 simple and effective mood lifting ideas

You know what they say: fall seven times get up eight – this is easier said than done though and I’m sure we have all had times when getting up after a hard blow seemed a very daunting task. 358 more words


Choosing Happy

A couple of days ago, I decided I wanted to end my blog-posting drought. I had every intention of writing a lengthy post about feeling like an outsider in my own family. 151 more words


Happy Monday , Change Your Choices !

Happy Monday ….

Happy AUGUST 1st.

Seriously , though , I am always gung ho about everyday , WHY  > Duh , because everyday that we wake up, we are ALIVE. 526 more words


Why Blogging ?

There are several reasons for me to write a blog now. First off, it is a good way for me to put my thoughts down. Over the last two years I realized that I have pulled some of you closer to me and others are a little farther away. 349 more words

Choose Happy

My 2 year old hates riding in the car.  Every time that I strap her into the car seat is a battle.  I get it… her car seat and seat belt are constricting, she’d rather sit up front next to me, and going anywhere in Dallas takes at least 20 minutes.   204 more words