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Hashtag JOMO: Joy of Missing Out

I was sitting at work one day when a co-worker was walking me through why he throws social gatherings. I had just finished explaining to him that I find him a bit extroverted and he said he definitely is not. 1,803 more words

Living Slow

2 Weeks Notice

So I jumped the gun.

Early in the new year, a job opportunity fell into my lap.

I got excited. I thought to myself, I can finally leave my nursing home job. 316 more words

2 Weeks Notice

My Happiness List

I’m a planner. A list maker. The queen of travel research. Hell, most of my professional career has been in the realm of legal and tax research. 1,169 more words

We need make more of an effort to see the beauty in this world

I’m hoping to get more into this blog. It’s just going to be random thoughts from my head about the world around us and the way I see it. 276 more words


A Quick and Easy Guide to Happiness

In my quest to be Hallmark Happy in 2018, I’ve been taking mental notes and literal snapshots of suggested ‘happiness tricks’ to try out. So we are fourteen days in and here is what I have discovered thus far: happiness is a choice and by making that choice you are choosing to do things that you believe will make you happy. 1,141 more words

I'm choosing happy!

I’m not always forlorn, it creeps up on me when I’m idle, when my brain is operating on autopilot, you know… showering, emptying the dishwasher, even sometimes walking the dogs. 278 more words

January 2018

A Year of Positivity

Another year, another set of resolutions I’ll keep for a month, forget about for six, then pick up again at the end of the summer because I feel like I need to do something with my life. 650 more words