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Choose Happy

My 2 year old hates riding in the car.  Every time that I strap her into the car seat is a battle.  I get it… her car seat and seat belt are constricting, she’d rather sit up front next to me, and going anywhere in Dallas takes at least 20 minutes.   204 more words


Angel Baby

After Renix died the Hospital gave us many pamphlets and books and lots of things to help us get through losing him. One of the things they gave us was a book for kids to help them understand what is happening around them. 832 more words

Fun Fotos: Happy

Spring is finally here, and so are the spring blossoms. This makes me very happy!

For me, collections make me  happy. And my happiest collection so far, is of my cameras. 62 more words

The Hood

Fear, anxiety + the will to push through

So what does fear have to do with making bags?  Nothing and yet everything.  To me Grey Whale is not just about bags it is about a different way of living, thinking and seeing the world.   393 more words


#366 days of joy! Week 10

Saturday March 5, 2016

Completely rearranged my room with the little girl’s help this morning. Relaxing day at home.


Sunday March 6, 2016

Beautiful sunny day. 83 more words


What's Important

When it comes down to it, being real, being honest, establishing trust- that is what’s important. That is what this blog is all about. We all want to be happy. 443 more words


6. Figure out your regrets from the past ten years and either fix it or throw it away.

Happy March 8th, friends! I’d apologize for my 4 week hiatus, but honestly: are you surprised? Nope. And seriously, you didn’t miss much. Here’s what I’ve been up to: 964 more words