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Day 7: Suffer the Children | Light the World

I have a soft spot for children—doesn’t everyone? But mine’s especially gooey. They’re so perfect, so little, so eager. Life is exciting to them, this new adventure, and seeing it through their eyes gives a lift to my spirits. 191 more words

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Day 6: Judge Not | Light the World

I think I have a problem judging others. I say “might” because I don’t know if it’s out of the ordinary, if I judge people more than others do. 259 more words

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Day 5: Honor Thy Father and Mother | Light the World

So that tension headache from yesterday was just the prelude to getting sick. I spent the day sniffling, coughing, and trying to work. But Light the World cannot be delayed, not even a day, so here we go. 486 more words

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Deep Matters Series: Honesty

Serious vibes flowing in my brain tonight with so much going on in my life, in our lives, on the calendar, in the news – ok, scratch the news – I let everyone else read it. 1,709 more words


Day 4: Love Thy Neighbor | Light the World

Well friends, I’m currently well on my way to developing a rather spectacular tension headache. But Lighting the World isn’t always easy or convenient, and I have no intention of taking a sick day. 439 more words

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New Signs on Etsy Today - Choose Joy and Spirit Lead me

We added two new signs to Etsy today.  $15 each, includes shipping.  Click on the image to check out the listing.


Day 3: Do Well on the Sabbath | Light the World

Once upon a time, the Sabbath was strictly enforced. Steps and words were rationed. It was into this world that Jesus came, healing the sick and afflicted on every day of the week, but especially on the Sabbath. 333 more words

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