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How to Not Be a Cranky [Person] in 23 Reluctant Steps

Step 1: Be a cranky spouse, mom, teacher, whatever you are. This step is essential because you must be a cranky person first, in order to not be one later. 842 more words


Wake Me Up When January Ends

Look, I’m just going to say it.

January was AWFUL. It was awful. It was only highs and lows. There were no middle-of-the-road, chill days. There was literally as high as possible and literally as low as possible. 327 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 8 - DAY 30 :: oh joyous everyday

{every single day}

I was thinking about everyday joy today. You know, the kind of joys that we take for granted. Or, at least I do. 76 more words


Super Veggies | Healthy Habits

In my journey into eating more vegetables in my diet, I’ve looked into some of the healthiest veggies out there (because if I’m going to eat them, I want them to actually do good to my body and mind, not just take up room in my diet). 281 more words

Choose Joy

Even though...yet I will...

…are you living an “Even though…yet I will” life?

I’m guilty like every one else on social media of only or predominately posting the good, the happy, and the fun times. 1,452 more words

Heart To Heart

Find Your Worth In Christ

To be honest there are days I struggle: I compare myself to other women, I feel sorry for myself, or I’m tired and worn out. There’s times I feel ugly, fat, or unworthy. 338 more words


Choose Joy

There’s a picture that hangs on my wall. It’s simple, it’s plain. It’s not really outstanding in beauty. But the second I saw it in the store, I fell in love with it. 615 more words