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The Bad Day Dilemma

Oh how I love those days when the enemy tries to ruin my morning before it fully gets started! My alarm didn’t go off, neither did S’s. 813 more words

22 ways I found JOY in the last year.

Twenty-fun: the year of confidence, love, determination, independence, fear, redemption… the list of lessons could go on and on. One lesson I consistently learned is how to choose joy despite circumstances. 229 more words


Choose Joy...

​Sometimes we smile from joy,

Other times we smile to hide the cracks…

But a smile is a smile –

Whether from joy or pain. 48 more words


Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

During my drive to campus this morning, I felt the need to pray. (The car is one of my favorite locations to chat with God. I know I look like a crazy person who talks to herself, but it’s one of the only places where I can consistently find peace, quiet, and privacy.) I fervently asked the Lord to restore my joy and fill me up with a happiness that could only be from above. 365 more words


boss girl and the case of the Mondays

Seriously, what is wrong with Mondays? It is a day full of opportunity, and possibility. I have this outlook about Mondays not because I am an annoying little version of Mary Poppins and think the world is made of sugar and rainbows. 753 more words

Wild And Free

something I just can't stop thinking about...

This morning I heard something. Something I can’t stop thinking about.

A friend of mine attended a funeral, and he overheard a conversation. A man was talking about something he heard on the radio. 618 more words