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TT: Humble Pie Donuts/Muffins/Cookies... What?

Today was a lesson in humility. I guess I asked for it, seeing as this morning in my time of prayer I asked God to show me if there were any areas of growth He wanted to open my eyes to for today. 283 more words

Transformation Thursday

I Am Enough

When people wound deeper than any knife ever could.
When it hurts to breathe.
When the pain crushes under its magnanimous weight.
When you’re told you are nothing. 166 more words


Coconut oil, sea salt, a popsicle and a curling wand later...

You never know what you’re going to get in life. It always comes with surprises, ups and downs, laughter and tears. So many emotions come with life, especially if you’re a girl! 410 more words

Choose Joy

Who values you?

You see them, you date, you fall in love, you choose to marry through sickness and health….

A few years later-sickness kicks in but it’s not the kind of sickness you might expect.   546 more words

Choose Joy

MM: Attitude is Everything

A few years ago, we found a plaque at a garage sale that read “Attitude is Everything.” My mom, quite excited at the find, bought it and hung it in our bathroom with a small addendum. 361 more words

Mindful Musings

Resolved, here and now.

             Many of us (and whenever I begin that way, you know I mean ME!), have a tendency to overcomplicate the most basic aspects in life.  We worry, we fuss, we fret.   361 more words

Vintage RCM: The Catholic Mom's "Drop-Kicked Into Reality" Prayer

Originally published after Edel ’14, the truths and sentiments behind this prayer are timeless. While Edel’s impact on my life resonates so much more deeply than these few sentences can convey, here’s my offering of support for my sisters once we’re back in “the real world.” The best, my friends, is yet to come. 215 more words