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To Choose Peace

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “violence is never the answer” typically uttered by liberals living in gated communities.  Their virtue signaling and moral high ground hide a bitter truth that they either can’t see or don’t realize:  They aren’t choosing peace and they aren’t any more morally superior or nobler than anyone else.   83 more words


How to accept the choices of others?

When you are caught in emotional pain it is tempting to blame others and judge them for their choices. Yet each is doing the best they can to cope with the pain and trauma they have inside. 598 more words

Personal Development

Peace of Mind is an Internal Matter

“Peace of Mind is clearly an internal matter.

It must begin with your own thoughts and then

extend outward.  It is from your peace of Mind… 182 more words

366 Poems:July 12th, 2016

Death is the world’s favorite color–

the one she wears daily

with her necklaces of skulls and crossbones,

her garments of falling gazelles,

her cloak of a million pounding warheads, 64 more words


Angel Messages May 26 2016

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Got it, Angels. Thank you!!

Angel Messages

A Peaceful Reminder

I was having a tough time yesterday, feeling like I needed some time alone to clear my head of some swirling thoughts. But as anyone with 2 toddlers can attest to, time alone is not easy to come by! 564 more words

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