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The Day I Watched a Child Implode at CVS

Not too long ago, I was standing in line at CVS.  In front of me, stood a beautiful young mom and a precious little boy.  I’m guessing he was 5 years old.  1,306 more words


“Sometimes we think we need to hold on, when we really need to let go!
Let go of the negative energy, events or people,
set some boundaries and start your new day!”

~ Jennifer Gayle


“Ninety-nine percent
of the failures come from
people who have the habit
of making excuses.”

~ George Washington Carver,
Botanist and Inventor


Choose Wisely

Swarm barbarians with some WBs at both mortars, then use barbarians and archers at the lone archer towers on the outskirts. Deploy all (most) of your rest barbs at the wizard towers with a healing spell (alternatively you can use giants at the WT).

Loot: 150,000 Gold and 150,000 Elixir.

Single Player Campaign

“Time stays long enough for anyone
who will use it.”

~Leonardo da Vinci,
Polymath: Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Musician,
Mathematician, Engineer, Inventor, Anatomist,
Geologist, Cartographer, Botanist, & Writer


Arcana in Balance: The World

After all that agonizing over the Judgment card last week, The World card is almost laughably obvious.

The irony is that the World card makes my personal biases just as obvious as the Judgment card did.  708 more words