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Who is in your lifeboat? 

Do not enter without a signed invitation and permission slip, we reserve the right to remove violators, and we shall do just that …

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I created a “blacklist” of diesel engines over the past few years, just to avoid people of purchasing some kind of engineering dead end:

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Choose wisely! Mercedes Vito W638

This is the first generation Mercedes-Benz Vito, produced from 1996-2003. It was available with an older generation 2300 cm3 turbo and natural aspirared diesel and a modern 2200 cm3 CDI engine. 233 more words

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Choose wisely! Mercedes E Class W211

This is the Mercedes E Class W211 produced from 2004-2009. In 2007 the company made a facelift (the black one is the later model), that included new from bumper, grill, tail lights and steering wheel from the optical section but the important part is that the main problems were fixed, which were present at the earlier models: SBC (sensotronic brake control) problems which is very expensive to repair, the 5 speed automatic gearbox hesitated on downshifts or was leaking, there were vibrations on idle and have had lot of problems with the electronics. 70 more words

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Choose wisely! Mercedes S Class W220

These two are the same S Class W220 series, but one very different from the other. The gray is the first gen 2000-2004 model, which has suffered from several “illnesses”, because this was the first fully computerized, high tech milestone of the S Class generations and it took four years for the developers to “cure” these problems. 183 more words

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