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Right Way

Run run run away from all you know is not right

Don’t look back, Don’t hesitate

at your intuition to take flight

The wrong way comes easily… 93 more words



It amazes me.  Truly amazes me.  I heard a child the other day discriminate someone because of their skin colour.  It didn’t stop there.  Words like ‘idiot’, ‘crazy’, ‘dumb’ and many more descriptive words followed.  176 more words

Everything is Energy #SelfCare

When I first decided to create KeiannaJohnson.com, one of the things I vowed to myself was that I was going to be 100% honest. No more hiding or burying the truth underneath the ground. 596 more words

Choose Friends Wisely

I have recently been contemplating the state of friendship. We yearn for friendship, we seek it out, we need it in our lives. It is an integral part of our emotional well-being … provided it’s healthy relationships. 335 more words


Choose wisely, together

These are strange days. Each day I encounter news that I could not possibly imagine would ever exist. There is a hashtag called #nottheonion, because ludicrous stories may be satire – or they may be reflective of something real. 654 more words


We Can Only Afford One, So Choose Wisely: Social Security/Medicare, Cartel Cronyism or Inflation (a.k.a. Central Banking)

Source: OfTwoMinds blog, by Charles Hugh-Smith

Here’s the problem with central banks seeking higher inflation: costs go up but wages don’t.

It’s easy to quantify the annual cost of Social Security/Medicare, and not so easy to calculate the cost of Cartel Cronyism and Central Bank-created inflation.Cartel cronyism is a hidden tax on the entire economy, as is Central Bank-created inflation. 745 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Jan 6 Choices

Father, thank You for showing real life examples to teach me how to make choices.

Lot looked with his physical eyes and did not seek Your wisdom in making his choice to move to the well watered land to the east. 425 more words

Daily Bible Prayer