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#Wisdom from freelance_mindset

Progress is change. You are free to be whoever you want, choose wisely.

by freelance_mindset


Know who you are calling.

When I started FORTHEBOYS I was aware there were a lot of people not wanting to offer their horses the service of a sheath cleaning because they did not know how to do it or they were grossed out by the idea. 535 more words

Be Careful

“Marriage has made me a lot happier
and I’m deeply in love with my wife,
I thank God for her every day.”

~ Harry Connick, Jr.

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“I don’t think you should give away
your name and face to something
you don’t believe, 100-percent, in.”

~ Claudia Schiffer,
Model, Actress, Entrepreneur


“Throughout life people will
make you mad,
disrespect you
and treat you bad.
Let God deal with the things they do,
’cause hate in your heart will consume you, too.” …

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It does not mean
to be in a place where there is
no noise, trouble or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things…

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