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I choose happy

Everyday we have that choice to “set the tone” for a fresh new day.
I choose “happy”.


Choose your Attitude|11 May 2015|Papercut Art

I spoke a lot this weekend to strangers. First at an art event on Saturday, and second at a wellness group for women. The events couldn’t have been any more different, but the theme of the words I shared with both were eerily similar. 661 more words

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Choosing "Happy"

Today I’m choosing  “Happy” as my mood.  I’m making the decision to only share positive and uplifting things today; things that make me feel happy and are likely to have the same impact on others.   277 more words


Da Plane Da Plane

Recently I had the pleasure of being stranded at the airport for hours. It’s never fun or where someone wants to be but it happens. When I arrived my flight was delayed 2 hours. 345 more words

About Me

At any given moment - you can make the choice

I’ve always loved this quote.  “At any given moment, you have the power to say ‘this is not how the story is going to end'”.  It’s tough to see it sometimes, when you’re so deep into your own issues, your own problems and head-talk.   170 more words

It's not always easy to choose

This morning on Twitter, I was reminded by someone that it’s not always easy to choose your mood; that for some, every day is a challenge and “managing a smile” is about their limit.   460 more words

Choose colour

   “We can always spot you in a crowd, Dinah – you’re the one who’s wearing bright colours”.  It’s true, I love colour.  My hair is proof of that  and has been all the colours of the rainbow over the years.   150 more words