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Advice for High School Seniors

     I found my senior year of high school to be extremely overwhelming. I felt scared, excited, confused, stressed, and happy all at the same time. Okay yes, I now admit that I was probably being a little dramatic about the whole thing, but it seemed so real in the moment. 491 more words


Why I Study Assistive Technology

For my one hundredth blog post, I decided to write about the reasons I chose for studying assistive technology in college. It’s definitely a more uncommon field to study, and I am frequently explaining to people what exactly assistive technology is.   823 more words

Campus Tour is Important Step in Choosing a College

We all know that one person who committed to a college and a major before the start of senior year of high school. However, for the larger percentage of high school students considering a college or a four-year university, visiting a college campus can be a crucial step in making a decision. 483 more words

Free application day today!!!!

There is still room in the Photojournalism tent! To help those considering their future still who may not have applied to the best kept secret in visual communication instruction in North America, Loyalist College is waiving the $150 application fee for today, May 19th. 12 more words

It's Almost Time !!!!!!

by Brianna Rodriquez / Inglewood, CA

With only 6 weeks left of school, everything seems like a rush.

For the AP students, it is about time we take our big test. 174 more words


On Track to College: How to Teach Children about Higher Education

Most parents want their children to go to college. Unfortunately, figuring out how to talk to them about it can be difficult. Fortunately, there are three things you can do to make sure your child is taught about higher education in a way that will help you both. 472 more words


When You Go to College in Your Hometown.

“You’re living far away from home; and you’ve traded everything for a stone.”

– “Everything for a Stone,” The Belle Brigade

Before I get into the actual topic of this post, I’ll begin by saying I wasn’t planning on going to college near my hometown. 1,078 more words