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The Art of Narrowing Your List of Colleges

As a high school junior just starting a new school year, it is easy to see your college career as something still far on the horizon. 539 more words

How To Get In

10 tips for writing a college essay that will impress admissions counselors

It’s college application time, and this time last year I was stressing out over writing my college essays. Luckily, I had an amazing English teacher who really taught us how to write killer college essays that will stick out against the typical, formal, 5 paragraph essays that admissions counselors get stuck reading. 830 more words


five questions to ask during college visits

I went on a ton of college visits. Like at least 25 of them. College visits are a great opportunity to hear from a real student what the school you are visiting is like. 382 more words


10 ways to make the most of your college search

I was always a kid who just loved school. I was excited to learn, it gave me something to do, and the ultimate plan of becoming a pediatrician kept me motivated. 1,281 more words


High Tech = Higher Graduation Rates

Georgia State is always looking out for its Panthers and it shows through how we use technology and collaboration to help them stay on the path to graduation. 657 more words

These are the best men's lacrosse colleges in the U.S.


Lacrosse is one of the oldest team sports in North America. When originally played by Native Americans, the game was a major holiday that could last from dawn to dusk, spanning several days. 1,318 more words

Syracuse University

Things I Think About Education - Part II

What to look for in a college

As for college, if I were a graduating high school senior today:

Lessons Learned