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Today I’m going to have a good day. Before you think, that’s easier said than done sometimes, let me explain.

Last year around this time, I was going somewhere with a relative of mine. 632 more words

6 Things Pharmacists and Patients Should Question - Choosing Wisely Canada

Pharmacists have finally developed the following 6 things to question in partnership with Choosing Wisely Canada: 293 more words


Choosing Wisely: 5 Pediatric Endocrinology Tests to Avoid

According to Ricki Lewis from Medscape (October 5, 2017):

“The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Endocrinology has added five tests commonly ordered for children and teens showing signs of early puberty, short height, or other hormone-related concerns to the 15 tests already making up their Choosing Wisely campaign.” 513 more words

Manuel Casanova

Thoughts on returning to work if you're a heart patient

by Carolyn Thomas  ♥  @HeartSisters

A list of five Choosing Wisely recommendations from the field of occupational medicine caught my attention the other day. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of working with a real live occupational therapist, they are under-appreciated healthcare professionals who help recuperating patients develop, recover, and improve practical skills they need for daily living. 979 more words

Living With Heart Disease

Why I am Choosing Wisely

Why I am Choosing Wisely

(the post was originally published online here)

Anthony D. Train, MBChB, CCFP

August 01, 2017

I trained in South Africa. 800 more words


Great editorial on the changing medical times...

Great editorial on the changing medical times… In a recent Family Medicine journal one physician poetically writes about that contemporary medical practice is a continuous process of updating medical practices and frank change.   113 more words

Dr. Leslie Greenberg

If You Have No Enemies, Then You're Doing Something Wrong

We all have enemies, but there are some people who try to make everyone like them. We have people who sway back and forth politically so they have both sides loving them, we have people who love Jesus and the world so they have everyone liking them, but that is wrong. 558 more words