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Why I am Choosing Wisely

Why I am Choosing Wisely

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Anthony D. Train, MBChB, CCFP

August 01, 2017

I trained in South Africa. 800 more words


Great editorial on the changing medical times...

Great editorial on the changing medical times… In a recent Family Medicine journal one physician poetically writes about that contemporary medical practice is a continuous process of updating medical practices and frank change.   113 more words

Dr. Leslie Greenberg

If You Have No Enemies, Then You're Doing Something Wrong

We all have enemies, but there are some people who try to make everyone like them. We have people who sway back and forth politically so they have both sides loving them, we have people who love Jesus and the world so they have everyone liking them, but that is wrong. 558 more words


Easy Choice

Several years ago, Frank Minirth and Paul Meier wrote a book called Happiness Is a Choice. Most people would agree with that premise. We can choose to be joyful, or we could choose to be miserable. 76 more words

Christian Living

Paranoid Rumination From A Freshly-Minted Migraineur

As I sit here writing, I perceive a scintillating band of zig-zags in the shape of a reverse C on the left side of my visual field. 1,475 more words

Choosing Wisely for Interns and Residents

Waste. It’s everywhere.

As frontline doctors, we have the responsibility to focus our efforts on high-value healthcare, and reject the interventions with negligible benefit.

But how can you, the Junior Medical Officer, contribute to the rational use of our precious healthcare resources? 442 more words


Choosing Wisely in Long Term Care

Choosing Wisely Canada has developed the following 6 statements that both physicians and patients should review.  I think they are spot on! 160 more words