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Should You Get a Stress Test After Your Stent or Bypass Operation If You Feel Fine?

If you’ve had a coronary stent implanted or undergone bypass surgery, it is common to wonder about the status of the stent or the bypass grafts or the coronary arteries that maybe had a 50 or 60% blockage and were left alone. 810 more words

James McCormack - Viva La Evidence

James McCormackViva La Evidence.

Viva La Evidence — a parody of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida – a song all about evidence based healthcare — a little bit about the history of evidence and then the key principles. 42 more words


Connecting with Consumers

One of the directions that this project points to is forming connections and alliances with consumers – working together with people in many different sectors to improve health and well-being for all. 219 more words

Approaches To Change

You Get To Choose (Wayne Dyer)

When you grow to a point in your life where you can understand this mantra in your heart you have arrived at a positive point in your live. 8 more words


Life's uncertainty and overdosing on medicine

This morning an article was published in the conversation by Ray Moynihan and Dr Iona Heath exploring how our society deals with the uncertainty of our future health. 301 more words


An everyday tragedy: treating asymptomatic bacteruria with antibiotics

Act 1 of a common tragedy that sets the scene for antibiotic resistance – an elderly female resident of a nursing home complains of minor dysuria or perhaps just has urine that appears cloudy or smelly. 359 more words

AMS Strategy

KevinMD.com: Following evidence-based guidelines won't protect you from malpractice

75% of physicians in low-risk specialties such as pediatrics, and 99% of physicians in high-risk surgical specialties will face a malpractice claim by the age of 65 according to a 2011 study in the… 370 more words

Medical Professional Liability