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A Chophouse Cut

A new video from Chophouse Skateboards called a Chophouse Cut, VXtras from the boys. Full length on the way. 


the reason for brotherhood

“This will probably be one of the moments in life you’ll remember forever”

I’ve heard that phrase a few times. When I entered the military, when I organised Singapore’s largest improv flashmob, even when I was in the hospital hallway as my baby sister was born. 519 more words


For most, no ingredient can be seen when a good piece of steak is in front of them. Chophouse is the place to go to show you the incredible frenzy that comes with this meat. 380 more words


Getting Closer to Home...and Away

Friend and even foe of Dan’s will know by now that he has an extreme soft spot for a particular long running Australian soap opera. Those of you who attended our wedding may have even recognised the words to a particular theme song included in the speech so thoughtfully given by his best man. 686 more words


in review: Milwaukee ChopHouse

let me begin by saying if i had to choose a place for dinner, a steakhouse would be near the bottom of the list. i find the small, locally-sourced creative places much more worth my while. 827 more words


The Cambridge Chop House review

Since I moved to Cambridge a couple of months ago, I’ve started up a list of places I’d like to eat. Near the top was… 515 more words

Palm Springs Wedding!!!

Photography: www.astridbaloun.com

Makeup Arist and Hair Stylist: Mary Jaffal

Glam Team: Laura Coronado (MUA) and Clarissa Romero (Hairstylist)

Venue: Chopshouse, Riviera Palm Springs, and Visceroy Palm Springs. 561 more words

Makeup Artist