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The Autumn Fall

I’m OK, but had a doozy of a fall today.

Not only was it a humdinger, but it was my public debut.

Ironically, it happened while I was shopping for and homing in on some sensible shoes. 567 more words

What happens when you spy on grandma

We learned that my grandmother had HD later in her life. Before then, when I was young, I spent the night at her house a lot and, from a child’s point of view, the disease manifested in two ways: she ate funny and it took her an eternity to walk. 388 more words


Whatever has had a hold of me for the past few weeks is loosening its grip long enough for me to begin to let myself peek out again. 207 more words


The discontent that snowballed started early in the day, when I took my little dog to the vet. I kept nearly falling over, stumbling and side-stepping. 366 more words