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Girl Moves Of January

AOA ‘Excuse Me’

CLC ‘Hobgoblin’

Red Velvet ‘Rookie’ 


Dance Break!

…So I am picking up the theme of my last post, where  I resolved to remain politically aware and active, but I’ve been REALLY feeling it is time to clean up my Facebook feed. 146 more words


25/02/17 - day four and I'm learning things about myself

My two day exercise hiccup gave me pause when it came to working out today. Logistical problems with my phone are sucking away my will to do anything but exist as a home slug. 425 more words


Check Out K.A.R.D's Choreography Video for "Don't Recall"!

K.A.R.D‘s recently released “Don’t Recall” music video has already gained almost 7 million views! In addition, the co-ed group just dropped a choreography version for their popular song. 138 more words


Objects & Place

For this portion, I featured three objects that have significance to me as well as photographing the Moseley Center at Elon University.


The Human Boa Constrictor

Here is a delightful dance clip of Earl Tucker, “the human boa constrictor.” Don’t be fooled by the colorization – this was shot in 1930 (as part of a Benny Rubin short called “Crazy House”). 112 more words

Black History