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Jazz Funk class footage


Yesterday I finally got the courage to ask someone to take a video of me taking class.

I think we are all our own biggest critic. 120 more words

"Dance Is More"


It may sound obvious but when you arrive at graduate school you don’t know anyone all that well. I mean, I connected with a few folks at the audition but not with a lot of depth. 477 more words


choreographing contemporary ballet

One of the only things that I love as much as dancing in this world is choreographing.  I did not always love it though.  I acquired a taste for choreographing in my sophomore year of college and never went back.   384 more words


Work From Home - Cristian Gasgonia Choreography

Hey people! Check out this fun summer video featuring some of your favorite UDC dancers and choreography by the 2016 UDC Director, Cristian!

Uber Everywhere - Trosky Sisters

Check out the newest concept video featuring our UDC dancers! Choreography by Co-Artistic, Devin Trosky and her sister Erin Trosky!


5, 6, 7, 8 — Boy, Can We Procrastinate! 

I am clearly confused about life right now.

I’ve jumped into an assistant-coach gig for a middle-school dance team, which is a huge leap out of my comfort zone, what with my background being strictly ballet & modern of the kind that tends to foam at the mouth when someone mentions “dance as a sport.” 564 more words


When the Going Gets Tough ...

Still not in the best of moods.  Let’s just say there is a lot of negative energy out there and it takes a toll.  Boy, that sounded kind of new-agey, didn’t it.  1,327 more words

Ballroom Dancing