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RECIPE: Chicken, Chorizo and Tomato Rice Bake

It may look rather beige but this dish packs a punch. This is a simple meal with few ingredients that tastes absolutely delicious! It’s great for making large batches if you’re cooking for a group of people. 390 more words


Peas, Broad Beans & Chorizo with Mint

If you are yet to be convinced of the merits of frozen broad beans then surely this will convert you. A dish sure to become a regular feature in our kitchen as we can think of loads of mains to pair it with. 132 more words


Savoy cabbage with chorizo, shallots and rice

The West Country FOODLOVER, Issue 44

Serves 4.

  • 400g long grain rice
  • 1 savoy cabbage
  • 2 shallots
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 medium chorizo sausage
  • olive oil…
  • 112 more words

Lentil, Butternut and Chorizo Soup with Rosemary and Potato Soda

Whizzing up a soup tends to be a weekend ‘go to’ of mine, especially if I have some fresh stock on hand. I roast a chicken most Sundays and make stock with the bones (after roasting them to dry them out) and a selection of veg and herbs. 644 more words

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Cheesy Chorizo and Chicken Mini-Bakes

I survived the first week back at the school, and it went really quickly!  The children settled in well, and it all went rather smoothly. I did find out, however, that leading a game of musical statues with forty children is very difficult! 495 more words


Chorizo hash

I came up with this when I was living in London a few years ago. Mother Hubbard’s cupboards were practically overflowing in comparison to my measly weekend-before-payday possessions: the end of a chorizo ring (left over from some unimaginative pasta creation); an egg; half a red onion (also left over from the midweek pasta); and a baking potato. 264 more words