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Potato Sausage Mexican Casserole

About a year ago there was one morning where I was awake earlier then Zach. I assure you this does not happen often. I am a night owl  to the extreme and can get sucked into a book and read until 3 am if given the chance. 173 more words

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Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

I have a weakness for macaroni and cheese. I love that gooey and carb-laden deliciousness. This version cuts down on the cheese by adding lots of healthy sweet potato to the mix. 150 more words

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The Road to 65, Mile 237: Back From California

July 23, 2015, Prescott- I rose early in Barstow’s Motel 66, and looked around for a breakfast spot.  There were all manner of little convenience markets and small fast food establishments.   360 more words


Chicken and Bacon Ragu with Fennel and Ricotta Dumplings

I found this recipe on thekitchn.com and have changed a few small things which I believe add a greater depth of flavour. The ricotta dumplings I have left alone (apart from adding a touch of grated nutmeg) as the recipe is so fantastic, so ridiculously simple and quite fun too. 490 more words

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London life

I’ve been making more of an effort recently to carry my canon camera a bit more when I’m travelling for work trips. Whenever I don’t take it I always see something that would have made a great photo. 183 more words

Canon 100D

Meat-free Monday!

Squid with minature Charlotte potatoes and roasted vegetable medley

You will need:

– 3 medium squid tubes (pop the tentacles in the freezer, I have an excellent recipe that I’ll post up soon for them) 504 more words


The first post

Well sort of. The first recipe post, kinda.

I recently tried making paella, the brother-in-law is popular for his in the extended family. Mind you, he’s popular for most things, we don’t call him Golden Gonads for nothing! 318 more words

Bad Photo