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Hardware Societe

Woke up one morning and decided to check out the hype in Hardware Societe. The street has a lot of legit cafes… like there are lines in every single cafe – 45 minutes wait on average… crazy!!! 218 more words


A Healthy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!! I’ve been working on a new healthy recipe to share with you all! Baked sweet potato and chorizo flautas topped with mango salsa! 497 more words

A Mexican Fiesta: Queso Flameado

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

It’s not a party until someones brings the queso and the party doesn’t start until you light it on fire!!

Queso Flameado “Flaming Cheese”  is a dish I first had at a hotel in Mexico. 439 more words


Sausage-Shrimp Empanadas

Ever since my husband and I met, our love for Mexican food has only been rivaled by our love for each other (awww) and Game of Thrones binges. 500 more words



Cena de campeones por parte del @chefpcastillo #Repost @chefpcastillo with @repostapp
Cenando estas brochetas con Lomito,chorizo,cerdo,pimientos y yuca frita y el picantico de ají margariteño y rocoto. 11 more words

Video: Gordito Que Se Rifo Al Agua Todo Por Quedar Bien Te Vas A Hacer Pipi De La Risa

Video: El Gordito Juan Cosio  que se avento al Agua sin Miedo todo por quedar Bien Orgullo Kora ! Puro Puertos de Mango Nayarit de donde se hizo La Banda Kora !   6 more words


Even faster pizza!

A while back I posted about home made pizza and the fact there is absolutely no need to buy take away pizza, ever!

I stand buy this, as do many others but the only negative point I hear in return is “but that’s so slow!” While I disagree, OK then, here’s a recipe you can do in the same time it takes to choose, order and get delivered a flavourless grease-filled circle of sorrow from your chosen purveyor of plasticised Italian pseudo-cuisine. 486 more words