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Spot the Difference

These photos look like they might be the same child.  But no, actually they are a brother, his two sisters plus a cousin!  There is a year or so between each one and I photographed them when they were each about the same age.  8 more words

Chorlton Photographs - Kids, Parents and Grandparents!

The children’s grandparents were visiting so Jane thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get some photographs of the whole family.  We decided to take them in the garden as it was such a lovely sunny day.  129 more words

Photo Shoot for Chorlton Family

I photographed Liza’s little boy a couple of years ago and his photo has pride of place on their wall. The little boy has now been joined by a baby sister and the family want a similar photograph of her. 90 more words

Photographs of Three Sisters in Hale, Cheshire

Claire’s friend bought her a Photography Voucher as a gift for the christening of her third daughter.  I went to the families house in Hale, Cheshire to photograph the sisters and had a great time.  82 more words

Twins Photography in Didsbury, Manchester

This is the third time I have photographed these (nearly) two year old twins, documenting them growing from babies into toddlers.

We decided to take some photos out in the garden for a change.  100 more words

Photographs of Two Sisters from Cheshire

I recently photographed two sisters in Cheshire, a four year old and a two year old. These two really seemed to enjoy having their photos taken but came into their own when they changed into their little ballet skirts and did a bit of  dancing and twirling. 45 more words

Photographs of Didsbury Children

I photographed Gina’s two children, a boy and a girl age 6 and 5.   Gina wanted a big picture of them for her kitchen wall. 80 more words