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M. Chossudovsky. 2012. Towards A World War III Scenario

I just finished reading this book and I feel that it already needs a good update, given the current contexts of Yemen and Ukraine, not to mention other conflicts of lesser prominence at the moment. 375 more words


Talk About "In A Nutshell!" The big picture in 75 seconds

This whole thing is worth watching – it’s great – but the BIG PICTURE is distilled down to 75 seconds from 11:34 to 12:49.*

A note on political philosophy: 573 more words


Evidence: Malaysian Airlines MH17 was downed by Ukrainian military aircraft

From Global Research, November 15, 2015:

Malaysian Airlines MH17 Downed by Ukrainian Military Aircraft. Kiev Regime False Flag; Selected Articles
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

At the APEC Summit in Beijing,  Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott who is hosting this week’s G20 meetings in Brisbane, intimated in no uncertain terms, during a 15 minute encounter with Russian President Vladimir Putin, that Moscow was responsible for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine.  1,627 more words

Chossudovsky: Who Are the Mercenaries Being Used in Ukraine? - Obama's Coups

Dictators always die, the way they lived. I will pray for them, to see the light and change their ways. If not – they will meet their maker, who said, “those who live by the sword, will die by it.” 31 more words

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"The West should Pay War Reparations to Syria" - Michel Chossudovsky

And, I agree with Michel Chossudovsky.

Obama, Bush Jr and Sr and Clinton and Romney must be made to Pay Reparations to Syria out of their of Drug Cartels and any Senator or Congressman or Business that has profited from the destruction of not only Syria, but other countries as well as our own people, who have had it, with their crimes against Humanity here at home and abroad. 38 more words

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