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Chow Chow Poem

it was love
at first sight

when i got to pet
China’s finest

on Oxford Street
who was with a

collecting donations

for the RSPCA


Chris and Mario with Kuma and Boo Boo

“Kuma’s a little shy. Boo Boo loves photos.”

My Chow Chow Is Not Mean

The misconceptions are what irritate me, but the gullible human beings are what piss me off. Growing up, my chow was feared by strangers who crossed our path. 286 more words

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Will Snuggle in Any Weather

It was the first snow-less day at Orphans of the Storm® in a long time, and the dogs were happy to be out and about without fear of… 772 more words

Orphans Of The Storm

The Chow Chow

I live in northern Ontario which is known to be bear country.  Yesterday, while walking my two shelties, I saw a big black creature coming around the bend.  192 more words



Sky. Welcome, to the dog pack.

Sky has come to us for a couple of days a week. She is a nine month old Chow Chow. 74 more words

Chow Chows in the West

While the Chow Chow has been around in China for millennia, it is a releatively recent breed in the West. According to pawnation.com, the the Chow Chow came to England in the 19th century, and to North America several years later. 19 more words

Jason Andor