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At first glance you think this is some sort of terrier but she is not. Charlotte who is going to be 4 years old is actually a mix breed of a Chow-chow and toy poodle. 24 more words



Boss is the unusual Chow Chow you see everyday. Boss is a lion line Chow Chow he is just 10 months old but his fur looks great. 32 more words


Most beautiful dog breeds

Chow chow

Chow chow is a powerful, lion-like looking dog that originally breed in Northern China. This breed has very dense coat that comes either rough or smooth. 259 more words

Chow Chow

The largest dog in the world

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a breed of German origin and its German name of Deutsche Dogge, means German mastiff. However, before setting down official roots in Germany, the dogs that eventually became the Great Dane breed came from a crossbreed between English mastiffs and Irish wolfhounds. 117 more words

Siberian Husky

How they die?

It is relatively rare for a dog to die suddenly and without warning. It’s much more likely your dog will give certain clues and symptoms that he is nearing the end of his life, especially if he has been unwell for a while. 188 more words

Siberian Husky

Chow chow and Siberian husky mix breed

The Chow Chow and the Siberian Husky maybe chalk-and-cheese in the looks department, but they have many more similarities to share. Both breeds originated in colder regions, and thus have protective double-layered coats. 119 more words

Siberian Husky

Roles with humans

Domestic dogs inherited complex behaviors, such as bite inhibition, from their wolf ancestors, which would have been pack hunters with complex body language. These sophisticated forms of social cognition and communication may account for their trainability, playfulness, and ability to fit into human households and social situations, and these attributes have given dogs a relationship with humans that has enabled them to become one of the most successful species on the planet today. 69 more words

Siberian Husky