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A friend for life

Dogs were barking, their howls echoing off the navy painted brick. They were up against the bars jumping and yapping at my Dad, sister, and I. 293 more words


Gangs of Dog Lovers

After mentioning that I had Shih Tzu, a classmate said that she didn’t like Shih Tzu as they were too yappy (or something like that). My Shih Tzu are anything, but yappy…that is unless they want something and then they make this annoying sound that is difficult to ignore especially since they can keep this up for at least an hour. 225 more words

pets talk: You Changed

ChuChu the Chow Chow was 16 and could barely walk by his own. His owners brought him and Yumi the Maltese to Miss Dolito.

However, ChuChu said to the mother, “ 339 more words


Homeowners Insurance - Importance of Liability Coverage For Pets

Your cute little puppy is a great addition to the family. Your new bouncing bundle of joy puts a smile on your face until you find him happily chewing on your shoe, or the leg of your chair. 366 more words


Buddy's Little Adventure

Yesterday I was bored and wanted to get out of the house so I loaded Buddy in my car and we went to PetSmart. I was apprehensive. 732 more words

Chayote Sabzi / Chow Chow Sabzi

Chayote is a light green, pear-shaped tropical squash with coarse wrinkles and can be used in a variety of preparations. It is a good source of dietary fiber and has Vitamin C in it. 358 more words