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Amazon Riding the Long Tail Curve

The digitalisation of media content has transformed the way we consume and produce products. Now, thanks to the Internet and digital technologies, we are free of physical barriers of space and have an unlimited choice of content which is accessible at any time to anyone who is online. 287 more words


Superheroes are showing up everywhere

There’s going to be palpable superhero theme around Westside School next week. Maybe it’s the launch of the 2016 NFL season in Seahawks land, or the release of a slew of fall movie fare. 306 more words

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~ BACAFIAAOAPT ~ Build A Community Around Free Information And Advice On A Particular Topic

~ WTCH-DSPTPW-ARTFBMTPFIRF ~ With That Community’s Help – Design Some Products That People Want – And Return The Favor By Making The Products Free In Raw Form… 48 more words


Les dark patterns sont une arnaque marketing mais cette vidéo est cool

Un dark pattern, c’est un dispositif visant à produire un enchaînement d’action favorisant un comportement au détriment d’un autre. Exemple : les nudges sont des dark patterns. 132 more words


Madluce Missile passes crucial test

Promising Madluce Missile has passed a barrier test and is cleared to resume racing after putting in a wayward performance at the start of his last race. 236 more words


Technology's Long Tail: a Reaction to Chris Anderson's TED Talk

Chris Anderson’s 2004 TED Talk reveals the pattern in which technologies rise and fall and, as the description states, become ubiquitous. He says that, as a writer of a technology-driven magazine, he and those who work in similar fields are “in the forecasting business,” meaning that knowing what people will want and when they will want it are key. 367 more words

Implications For Public Relations Practitioners

On the "Long Tail" of Technology: A Reaction to Chris Anderson's TED Talk

Chris Anderson, an authority on emerging technologies, gave a TED talk in 2004 on the four stages of viable technologies. The then editor of WIRED Magazine claimed that all technologies go through at least one one the four stages mentioned, sometimes going through all four. 592 more words