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“Compara adolescenta mea cu cea a lui Ben, un baiat de 16 ani care a crescut cu internetul. Are un Mac in dormitor, un iPod ticsit cu muzica (si o suma saptamanala de cheltuit pe iTunes) si un grup de prieteni care se bucura de aceleasi lucruri. 403 more words


Technology's Long Tail: a Reaction to Chris Anderson's TED Talk

Chris Anderson’s 2004 TED Talk reveals the pattern in which technologies rise and fall and, as the description states, become ubiquitous. He says that, as a writer of a technology-driven magazine, he and those who work in similar fields are “in the forecasting business,” meaning that knowing what people will want and when they will want it are key. 366 more words

Implications For Public Relations Practitioners

DIY : des ateliers étaient tenus durant le Salon Maker Faire

Aimez-vous les objets DIY ? Si c’est le cas, alors avez dû entendre parler du Salon Maker Faire qui s’est tenu du 23 au 25 novembre 2018. 294 more words


"Ideas That Matter": A new partnership with CBS This Morning and popular TED speakers

The American news show CBS This Morning and TED announced today that they will collaborate on an ongoing series called “Ideas That Matter.” The monthly series, which launches in January, will invite a TED speaker onto the broadcast to talk with the anchors. 284 more words



When it comes to revenue, consider two types of startup. One wants to solve problems and also make money. The other wants to make money and also solve problems. 691 more words



Chris Anderson and Chef Ken Duckworth

DON’T MISS THE LAST BOOK CLUB EVENT OF THE YEAR! The literary dinners sell out quickly. If you would like to attend, … 162 more words

Good Morning Gloucester

Solving for X

Size is a conundrum for startups like Humaginarium. We’re born infinitesimally small with no employees, no address, no products, no customers, and no capital. Unlike most hatchlings, we don’t even have parents to foster our growth. 623 more words