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Great Presenters Connect with the Audience by Getting Personal

There is really no situation much worse than finding yourself caught in a presentation or conference where the person speaking has something important to share, but remains clearly unable to share it. 968 more words


Future visions: The talks of TEDGlobalNYC

The advance toward a more connected, united, compassionate world is in peril. Some voices are demanding a retreat, back to a world where insular nations battle for their own interests. 2,039 more words

Chris Anderson

Make your next presentation your best yet

The infographic in this post comes courtesy of the design agency Ghergich & Co. They developed it for Salesforce Canada and invited me to share it with you.  192 more words

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Journey to Mars - Elon Musk

I never thought the day would come to witness humans colonizing mars or any other planet for that matter. I realize that we are over populating this planet and it is increasingly difficult to manage economically viable housing, but we have only scratched the surface, literally. 574 more words

The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game is subtitled Why everything you know about football is wrong. It looks to use statistics to disprove some things that we all ‘know’ about football. 190 more words


Lit rec #197: A Way for Stat-Obsessed Americans to Understand Soccer/Football (2013).

For americans, still highly entertaining.THE NUMBERS GAME: WHY EVERTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT SOCCER IS WRONG by Chris Anderson & David Sally.