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On Being Asked for a Political Poem - by Christopher Todd Anderson

My eyes drift across Kansas, its drab winter fields

and bird-churned skies, its highways like frozen

gray rivers, its oak trees clutching brown shawls

of dead unfallen leaves, a rough threadbare comfort. 368 more words


Why Men Should Also Be Concerned about Weight Control

Existing stereotypes feature women being more conscious about their body image than men, particularly when it comes to weight. It’s easy to understand why, partly because of the higher percentage of the female population with weight problems compared to the percentage in male population. 370 more words

Cedar Park

Why a Yorkie Makes a Great Pet

There’s no doubt that Yorkshire Terriers are among the cutest dogs around. However, do these toy dogs make ideal pets as well?

While the definition of a perfect pet may vary from one pet parent to another, there are various reasons that make a Yorkie a great pet. 385 more words

Cedar Park

The skill you need now: presentation literacy

TED curator Chris Anderson discusses the transformative power of speaking to an audience from the heart.

You’re nervous, right?

Stepping out onto a public stage and having hundreds of pairs of eyes turned your way is terrifying. 2,611 more words

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books for the soul: december edition

because it’s Christmas and Hanukkah in the days just ahead, this morning is bringing you two posts, and first comes the latest roundup of books for the soul. 994 more words

Books For The Soul

The real power of #storytelling

I’ve always been fascinated about storytelling and on a couple of occasions over the past few years, I’ve taken the nerve-racking step out of my comfort zone to see if I can develop into a good storyteller. 841 more words