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A self-directed Leadership education to break free from the financial matrix

Best-selling author and leadership expert, Orrin Woodward, shares profound advice in his recent book, The Financial Matrix. He says, “Get out of DEBT and stay out of DEBT!”. 286 more words

Roosevelt Jean-Francois

Leadership Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Level 5 Leadership was/is practiced by a few great leaders[i], and it in essence means a great leader that develops other leaders who develops leaders. 751 more words


The Scam of our Life: Our Smart Phone Culture by Chris Brady

It’s not that often that I use this blog for a rant, but today I just can’t help it. After noticing the marked increase in the terrible affliction known as Left Lane Driving (LLD), and quickly… 27 more words


Life Leadership: Don't Scam Yourself

“Sometimes You Need Outside Eyes”

Lead Yourself Through Life: Perspective

This talk was obviously part of a longer piece of teaching, but I think it stands by itself as a great reminder that we often are too close to a problem to find its answer.   311 more words

Chris Brady

Orrin Woodward: Financial Matrix Scam Exposed by Chris Brady

1. Debt is Stupid

2. You’re a Victim

3. There’s a Way Out!

In essence, this is the message of NY Times best selling author… 385 more words


Hitting the "This Sucks" Barrier of Half Marathon Training

Just in case I’ve scammed anyone into thinking I’m superhuman, I’d like to confess that I’ve had a series of lousy runs. Two bad runs this week (and one bad session of cross training and weight training). 675 more words


If You Give a Sanguine a Marker, She Might Change the World!

“Everything looks like junk to me and treasure to her!” my husband vented in a text to me, while he was trying to help my daughter finish packing her room for our move across town. 1,375 more words