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Financial Principles


By, reading the book Financial Fitness, The Offense, Defense and Playing Field of Personal Finance/Chris Brady, Orrin Woodward AND

LEAN  THE PRINCIPLES…and get yourself out of Debt and stay out!!!  165 more words

Chris Brady

Financial Success

I’m Derrick Smith, Professional Business Owner with a company that has change my life completely, because of the mentorship and the principles of Financial Fitness that have played a great part in the strutting of my life. 347 more words

Chris Brady

Pick Your Curve - Life Leadership and Power Curve Success

I have often taught that we don’t know what we don’t know. But sometimes, we don’t know what we think we know. And this second condition can lead to erroneous conclusions and frustrated efforts. 2,134 more words

Chris Brady

The Top 6 Mistakes Public Speakers Make by Chris Brady

1. Being Boring. Speaking in front of a group of people is as much about entertaining as it is about informing, sharing facts, or explaining. For some reason, most public speakers are entirely… 27 more words


I Miss When They...

Dear Lindsey,

“Class of 2015.”

That seemed like “Jetsons” time of the future when I first heard that my child would be in the “Class of 2015”. 2,116 more words

A Very Brady Italy

Dear Lindsey,

After a full year of busyness, we were ready to convalesce as a family!

Of course we could do that in our basement, or at the lake, or at my kids’ favorite campground in Silver Lake Michigan, but we decided to get away – really AWAY – to Italy. 1,124 more words


Chin Ups (Via Humorous Teens)

Dear Lindsey,

As heavy as life can get, I love it when a lighter side keeps my chin up.

While Christine and I were away visiting Mom in a Colorado hospital following… 204 more words