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A Very Brady Italy

Dear Lindsey,

After a full year of busyness, we were ready to convalesce as a family!

Of course we could do that in our basement, or at the lake, or at my kids’ favorite campground in Silver Lake Michigan, but we decided to get away – really AWAY – to Italy. 1,124 more words


Chin Ups (Via Humorous Teens)

Dear Lindsey,

As heavy as life can get, I love it when a lighter side keeps my chin up.

While Christine and I were away visiting Mom in a Colorado hospital following… 204 more words


Financial Fitness Pack

Over the last year and a half we have been applying principles that helped us eliminate 11 student loans and entirely pay off our vehicle! We are really starting to take control of our cash flow, understand our resources, and accomplish our vision. 585 more words

Reflections & Reasoning

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Many people struggle with finance since they lack a system to overcome the situation. Work the plan and everything falls into place. It is just a matter of understanding the offense, defense, and playing field of finance. Regards, Clifford T Mitchem Professional Developer Life Leadership http://LifeLeadership.com/61435084 life.leadership@inbox.com

A self-directed Leadership education to break free from the financial matrix

Best-selling author and leadership expert, Orrin Woodward, shares profound advice in his recent book, The Financial Matrix. He says, “Get out of DEBT and stay out of DEBT!”. 286 more words

Roosevelt Jean-Francois

I am responsible for my own education.

Taking responsibility is what separates leaders from everyone else. Leaders gather the information that will provide the vision to catapult themselves and their career to success. 99 more words


Leadership Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Level 5 Leadership was/is practiced by a few great leaders[i], and it in essence means a great leader that develops other leaders who develops leaders. 751 more words


The Scam of our Life: Our Smart Phone Culture by Chris Brady

It’s not that often that I use this blog for a rant, but today I just can’t help it. After noticing the marked increase in the terrible affliction known as Left Lane Driving (LLD), and quickly… 27 more words