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Like a Phoenix: On Selective Completion & Re-Collecting X-Men

Five years ago, I decided that rather than continue to use Tumblr to blog about comics and music, I’d move what stuff I’d posted there over to a new WordPress site with a new name and try to be a little more rigorous in my interrogation and exploration of these media and their meanings. 4,366 more words


Chris Claremont On Favorite X-Men Stories & Everything You Never Knew (Behind the Panel) | SYFY WIRE

Chris Claremont IS the X-Men. The prolific writer spent 17 years on the title, creating characters like Kitty Pryde and arcs like The Dark Phoenix Saga. 20 more words

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X-Roulette: Uncanny X-Men #227

In which the X-Men conclude Fall of the Mutants by heading off into space and sacrificing themselves to stop the “Adversary” from destroying everything. It’s the end of a massive chapter of the Chris Claremont-written run of the series, and is leading into something even bigger… 1,064 more words

Marvel Comics

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Jungle

Uncanny X-Men #109-116 (Chris Claremont/John Byrne/Terry Austin)

This particular run spans quite a few locales but the bulk of it is in the Savage Land, where artist John Byrne established his… 1,538 more words


Reel Geek Review: Chris Claremont's X-Men

Like any Marvel fan growing up in the early ’90s, I was instantly drawn to the X-Men.  Outcast, feared for being different, it was a series perfectly made for a shy nerdy kid like myself, I could relate to the characters,  as anyone can who isn’t quite with whatever the mainstream says is acceptable I imagine. 806 more words


Marvel Comics: Get ready for the X-Men Wedding Special

Marvel Comics: Get ready for the X-Men Wedding Special

By Tucker Chet Markus

Kelly Thompson and Marc Guggenheim unite! Chris Claremont returns!

It’s almost time for Kitty Pryde and Colossus to tie the knot…but a Marvel Wedding is never a simple affair! 191 more words


Marvel Comics Star Wars Spotlight: The Last Gift From Alderaan

Marvel Comics Star Wars Spotlight: The Last Gift From Alderaan

By Tj Dietsch

Chris Claremont, Carmine Infantio and Walt Simonson tell an epic Princess Leia story. 820 more words