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Channing Tatum Practicing Gambit Card Tricks

Channing Tatum, who is set to star as infamous playing card-wielding X-Men hero Gambit, has apparently been making big attempts to get into character… by learning card tricks! 321 more words


New Mutants #38 (1986, April)

I’ve finished work today, and can now settle in for a nice three-day weekend. Woot. Today, by Claremone and Rick Leonardi, “Aftermath!”

The New Mutants are fighting Sentinels while Magneto bemoans his inability to save them. 1,021 more words


Top 5 Marvel Secret Wars Tie-Ins

As we get deep into Marvel’s massive universe-shattering Secret Wars event, one thing is clear: its is miles above DC’s Convergence event.  Not only is Jonathan Hickman’s central title provide a lot more depth that the Brianiac story we got from DC, but the tie-ins, which also return to popular periods in Marvel’s history, are substantially better.  670 more words


X-Men Literary Analysis Part Two: Storm- Ecstatic, Circumcised, or Male?

Don’t be fooled into believing that Storm is somehow a “feminist” because she says “goddess come as a Storm” or “I call the full power of Mother Earth” and things like that. 970 more words

Uncanny X-Men #204 (1986, April)

I missed yesterday, but I’m back today. By Claremont and June Brigman, “What Happened To Nightcrawler?”

Nightcrawler’s out on Amanda’s balcony in the rain, being all emo. 1,095 more words


Marvel Chillers #4, 1976 "Night of the Huntress!"

For a time, Marvel tried to further its reading base by creating some books that had  female protagonists. One of those characters was “The Cat,” Greer Nelson. 136 more words

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New Mutants #37 (1986, March)

This will be the last Secret Wars II comic I have to review. I am very thankful for that. By Claremont and Wilshire, “If I Should Die.” 1,173 more words