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IFF Panama: Hernan Jimenez Talks About ‘Entonces Nosotros’

PANAMA CITY — 35-year old Hernan Jimenez is a well-known star in his native Costa Rica. His 2012 $0.2 million debut feature, “El Regreso,” clocked up 135,000 admissions at the local box office and won best feature film at the New York International Latino Film Festival in 2012. 411 more words


TV Review: 'Mad Dogs'

“Mad Dogs” starts off as a lark — four guys head to Belize to visit a longtime friend, whose success has allowed him to buy a beachfront villa and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. 417 more words


Immaturity Harnessed! (Film Review)

So many movies to review! And they are all on Netflix!

Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story. Motivation 2 is a documentary that tells the story of Chris Cole, one of the greatest professional skateboarders in the world. 309 more words


The Motivation 2.0: The Chris Cole Story - Trailer

Download here: http://radi.al/Motivation2

The Motivation 2.0, a sequel to the The Motivation, follows the story of Chris Cole in his journey from humble beginnings to the top of pro skating, all the while including cameos from all your favorite skaters who appeared in the first film. 118 more words


Cole Lite 3

Find out why Chris Cole loves the new Cole Lite 3, and get an in depth look at all the tech features including Super Suede, Super Stitch and Dual-Lite. 11 more words


DC Shoes presents Chris Cole's "Never Been Done"

Consisting solely of tricks never been done before, Chris Cole’s latest video project #ColeNBD is a part like no other before it. Simply put, it’s Never Been Done. 14 more words


Plan B Skateboards

New boards from Plan B at Classic including, the NEW Chris Cole boards. Cole on Plan B just sounds dope. Get yours at Classic!