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Police arrest teen on Ontario set of James Franco miniseries '11/22/63'

TORONTO — Police in Guelph, Ont. arrested a man Tuesday night for riding a motorized bike onto the set of the James Franco miniseries 11/22/63… 248 more words


Prants: Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut

Notice Recordings cassette and download

Coming on like the deadpan offspring of La Monte Young and Frank Zappa, Prants inject a welcome note of mischief into the oft-furrowed brows of the experimental underground. 418 more words

It's Never Too Late - American Beauty (1999)

One of the best family dramas ever made.  So this is about a married man at a crossroad in his life (Kevin Spacey).  He has an awakening in the form of a midlife crisis.  477 more words


Film Review: Sam Mendes, "American Beauty" (1999)

There’s Nothing Worse Than Being Ordinary…

This week has seen me revisit some of my favourite films from the past few years, this being something which brought to light one film in particular that I loved when I first saw it, and to my surprise has also actually grown on me even more over time with each viewing. 676 more words


Lone Star (1996)

Director – John Sayles

Starring – Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Peña, Kris Kristofferson, Matthew McConaughey, Clifton James, Joe Morton


Film Reviews

Capote (2005)

Temperature: Slidly Warm

This movie came to face during the award season of 2006 after the main actor in the movie was able to capture audiences for his portrayal of Truman Capote. 678 more words


Seabiscuit (2003)

When it comes to horse racing, it’d be hard to be behind behinds because being behind behinds behooves you to befriend other behinders, when, unbeknown to those befriended behinders, you’d be bound before long to be ahead instead of behind, betraying your befriended behinders and basically bequeathing them a basket of bitter basking behind behinds with nothing to behold but, and besides, butts and behinds to be beheld from behind. 509 more words